25. Klassiche Auktion

1220 Wien, Kagraner Platz 9  

Auction on Thursday, June 28, 2018 from 16:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
pos.no.: 505

break-action rifle "Ischler Stutzen" Leithner in Ischl, .450-60 BP Express, #2145, § C

Starting price 5.000 EUR
5.000 EUR

60 cm octagonal barrel, gold inlaid maker's name an gold ribbons on breech, iron sights, nicely shaped fence, T-bolt action type Lefaucheux, long underlever beneath the fore-end, bright rounded action, back-action hammer lock, small counter-lockplatte, all engraved with sparse scroll, hammer with hare's ear spur and sliding safety, folding aperture sight on tang, trigger guard withfinger grooves, double set trigger, steel buttplate, walnut full-stock with straight comb, swept cheekpiece, gold inlaid with a chamois, 33 cm, one-piece fore-end with schnabel tip of horn, cleaning rod pipe of staghorn, patchbox with sliding cover adapted to hold the second piece of the cleaning rod, horn handle for this screwed into the butt, sling swivels, 3 kg, year of manufacture about 1880, valid reproof 2004, fully servicable historic stalking rifle from the era of Emperor Franz Joseph I. in perfect preservation, condition II-III.