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Jagd auf Elchbulle in Estland für einen Schützen

Starting price 400 EUR
1.300 EUR

The moose hunt in Estionia has a long tradition, and we are glad to be able to offer you the oppertunity to hunt this majestic animal in Western Estonia. It regards a classic guided stalk, close the small , friendly and quiet city of Hapsal which lies on the west coast of Estonia, ca. 2 hours from the capitol, Tallinn, and is known as spa-town. This hunt has been kindly donated by the Estionian Hunters Association (Eesti Jahimeeste Selts, www.ejs.ee) and the entire proceeds will be donated to FACE (www.face.eu)

Time of hunt: By appointment
Game: Moose-Bull.
Location: Hapsal, Estonia
Starting Price: EUR 400