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27. Klassische Auktion

Completed | Physical auction

Lot 900

percussion rifle Ischler Stutzen W. Leithner in Ischl, calibre 12 mm, #no serial number, § unrestricted

Starting price 4.500 EUR
5.500 EUR


62 cm blued octagonal barrel, inscribed with maker's name, adjustable rear sight, breech end engraved with a grotesque face, behind that a folding aperture sight on tang, bright bar-action hammer lock, small counbter-lockplate, all finely engraved with shaded foliate scroll, flat hammer with safety lever, large trigger guard with finger rails, double set trigger, steel buttplate 33 cm, walnut fullstock with straight comb, curved cheekpiece, gold inlaid chamois, behind that carved Baroque rocaille, muzzle tip of a stag's antlers, ramrod pipes of antlers, original walnut ramrod with brass tip, patchbox with hinged lid, engraved with a Gothic rosette, holding a jag and some original patches, horn handle for ramrod beneath the butt, sling swivel eyes, year of manufacture about 1860, historic hunting rifle from the age of Emperor Franz Joseph I., very well preserved condition II.

Category: Antique Weapons

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