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27. Klassische Auktion

Completed | Physical auction

Lot 101

Colt Government M1911A1 Austrian Army, Union Switch & Signal Co., .45 ACP, #2047172, § B

Starting price 360 EUR
1.300 EUR


Rare version of the Government pistol, only 55.000 units were made by the US&S Co. in 1943. On the left side of the slide the emblem of the Union Switch & Signal Co. of Swissvale, Pennsilvania / USA and the company designation. Above the trigger guards "eagle next to BH" as mark of the Austrian army, where this arm was in service until it was replaced by the Glock 17 ("Pistole 80") as "11,43 mm Pistole 11". Reblued by the army and the grip replaced by one that does not match the serial number sequence of the US&S Co., rubbed edges and patchy grip, otherwise good condition including bore, no valid proof. See MÖTZ /SCHUY, Die Weiterentwicklung der Selbstladepistole I page 384ff. condition III.

Category: Pistols

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