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27. Klassische Auktion

Completed | Physical auction

Lot 902

percussion-target rifle unknown maker, about 12 mm, #no number, § unrestricted, acc.

Starting price 2.800 EUR
not sold


80 cm heavy octagonal barrel, browned and with diagonally stripe engraved, sunk muzzle with deep lead rifling, adjustable rear sight with brass cover, additional adjustable aperture sight on tang, browned percussion lock with counter directional hammer, blue tempered nipple shield, needle set trigger, trigger guard with finger grooves, grained massive walnut fullstock, inlaid brass furniture, heavy square brass buttplate 33,5 cm, barrel with two wedge fasteners, walnut ramrod with brass tip, beneath the butt three spare nipples, with a second exchangeable barrel with the same dimensions, year of manufacture not visible, presumably modern, high quality hand-made replica of a 19th century gun, condition 2-3.

Category: Antique Weapons

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