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27. Klassische Auktion

Completed | Physical auction

Lot 506

Target Rifle J. Peterlongo - Innsbruck, 8,15x46R, #no serial number, § C

Starting price 1.900 EUR
1.900 EUR


84 cm octagonal barrel, detachable with lever fastener in fore-end, engine-turned top, adjustable rear sight and additional aperture sight on tang, bright falling block action similar to Aydt without external extractor, engraved with borders and company coat of arms, forged trigger guard as handle with finger grooves, hand-detachable double set trigger, walnut stock with Tyrolean cheekpiece, thumb rest, steel hooked buttplate 32 cm, fore-end with schnabel tip and wedge fastener, coarse chequering on fore-end and fine chequering and blossom-shaped punch marks on buttstock, year of manufacture About 1900, no proof, some drying cracks in buttstock, very faint pitting on the action, heavy target rifle condition II.

Category: Other Rifles

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