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28. Klassische Auktion

Completed | Physical auction

Lot 907

pair of percussion travel pistols, Schmidt - Güstrow, 12 mm, #434/1 & 2, § unrestricted

Starting price 300 EUR
700 EUR


21 cm octagonal barrels of Damascus, on top signed "SCHMIDT", numbered "1" and "2", front sight in dovetail, rear sight on the tang screw, behind that on both pistols the same number "434", on the lockplates "IN GÜSTROW", locks with safety and fire screen, grip caps, hammers, lockplates and tang screws with floral engraving, walnut stocks, silver monogram panels on comb ("JM"), iron furniture, trigger guard with finger rest. J. Schmidt in Güstrow / Mecklenburg is listed between 1846-53. total length 35 cm, condition III-IV.

Category: Antique Weapons

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