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36 Results
Lot: 2660

dress bayonet Hoeller, Solingen

Result: 100 EUR

German dress bayonet, short version with staghorn handles (for mountain troops), with scabbard, frog and tassel, condition III-IV.

Lot: 2661

bayonet for Vz.24

Result: 17 EUR

very poor condition, blade in good condition, maker CSZ, Czech acceptance mark of 1924, in scabbard, condition IV-V.

Lot: 2662

bayonet USA M1873

Starting price 120 EUR

US bayonet for trapdoor rifle M1873 including scabbard and frog, condition IV.

Lot: 2663

bayonet bundle lot

Result: 70 EUR

1 bayonet 84/98 for K98k as well as a AK47-bayonet, all with scabbard. condition IV respectively I.

Lot: 2664

bayonet bundle lot

Result: 71 EUR

2 Mauser bayonets for South America, all with scabbard, condition III.

Lot: 2665

bayonet bundle lot

Result: 101 EUR

A spike bayonet with scabbard (tip protector missing) as well as a sword bayonet with brass handle and scabbard (possibly replica), condition III-IV.

Lot: 2666

bayonet bundle lot Britain & Sweden

Result: 61 EUR

British bayonet ("Spike") for Lee-Enfield and one for Swedish Mauser M96. condition III both with scabbard.

Lot: 2667

bayonet bundle lot France & Sweden

Result: 86 EUR

French bayonet for Lebel rifle (condition V) and one for Swedish Mauser M96 with frog (condition III), both with scabbard.

Lot: 2668

bayonet bundle lot France & Soviet Union

Starting price 40 EUR

French Lebel bayonet, shortened, and one for Mosin-Nagant M91/30. both without scabbard. condition II-V.

Lot: 2669

bayonet bundle lot international

Result: 56 EUR

A peasant halbard blade and 8 bayonets, poor to very poor condition, partially damaged with parts missing. condition V-VI.

Lot: 2670

bayonet bundle lot Mauser South America

Result: 120 EUR

Brazilian M08 and a Chilenean Mauser bayonet M95, both with scabbard. condition III.

Lot: 2671

bayonet bundle lot Austria

Result: 47 EUR

two Mannlicher bayonets M.95, a nickel plated warrant officer bayonet in poor condition (IV-V) as well as a crew bayonet (condition III). both with scabbard, one with frog.

Lot: 2672

bayonet bundle lot Austria

Result: 51 EUR

two Mannlicher bayonets M.95, bayonet in poor condition (V) as well as a crew bayonet (condition III). both with scabbard.

Lot: 2673

bayonet bundle lot Austria

Result: 140 EUR

6 bayonets one for Lorenz- or Waenzel Jaeger stutzen without scabbard, 3 Werndl bayonets (2 without scabbard, one shortened) as well as 2 Mannlicher bayonets M.95, one with scabbard and frog, poor to ...

Lot: 2674

bayonet bundle lot Switzerland

Result: 74 EUR

Swiss bayonet for Schmidt-Rubin M1911, ricasso marked with "ELSENER SCHWYZ" as well as one for StG 57. both with scabbard, first with frog, condition II-IV.

Lot: 2675

bayonet bundle lot Switzerland & Sweden

Result: 75 EUR

Bayonet for Schmidt-Rubin Mod. 1911, ricasso marked with " NEUHAUSEN" as well as for Swedish Mauser M96, both with scabbard, condition III.

Lot: 2676

bayonet bundle lot Spain & Yugoslavia

Result: 41 EUR

Spanish bayonet with scabbard for M43 Mauser, one for Yugoslavian rifle M24, both with scabbard. condition IV.

Lot: 2677

bayonet bundle lot Spain & Switzerland

Result: 41 EUR

Spanish bayonet for FR8 with scabbard and one for Schmidt-Rubin M1911 without scabbard. condition IV.

Lot: 2678

bayonet bundle lot Italy

Result: 41 EUR

Bayonet with scabbard for Mannlicher-Carcano M.91 and a trench dagger, ricasso marked with "G. FUGINI BRESCIA" without scabbard. condition III-IV.

Lot: 2679

Bowie knife C. Jul. Herbertz, § unrestricted

Result: 36 EUR

30cm long, sharpened blade withsaw backinscribed "Ranger-knife", laminated grips with brass mounts and leather scabbard, condition 3.

Lot: 2680

Bronze sword (replica)

Result: 72 EUR

Celticsword, total length 55 cm, green patinated. condition III.

Lot: 2681

Chassepot bayonet M1866

Result: 60 EUR

Yatagan bayonet with brass handle, without scabbard. condition IV.

Lot: 2682

machete bayonet Argentine Mod. 1909

Result: 90 EUR

Ricasso signed with "WEYERSBERG, KIRSCHBAUM & Co. SOLINGEN" as well as "MODELO ARGENTINO 1909", matching numbereder scabbard, good condition. condition III.

Lot: 2683

French dress sword, § unrestricted

Result: 95 EUR

85 cm long blade with triangular cross-section, first quarter blued and engraved with gold washed palmette, trophies and a sunburst, no maker's mark, coquille of cast and gilt brass, lion head as pomm...