25. Klassiche Auktion

1220 Wien, Kagraner Platz 9  

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Completed | Physical auction
106 Results
Lot: 1401

Skulptur "The Queen of the Forest" (wood cock, Scolopax rusticola) by Stephen Fenech - Malta

Result: 320 EUR

Elaborately shaped sculpture, a little bit smaller than life, created in more than 250 hours of work from various materials (burnt and unburnt clay, plaster of Paris, resin) and intrinsically painted ...

Lot: 1400

Limited edition print of pencil drawing "Red Stag" (Cervus elaphus) by Sarra Saffron - UK

Result: 300 EUR

Lifesize drawing in detailed, elaborate pencil technique, signed and numbered giclee print on archive quality paper. The artist from North Yorkshire is specialised in depicting animals and nature, the...

Lot: 1203

Cartridge magazine leather by Joh. Springer's Erben - Vienna

Result: 450 EUR

Cartridge magazine of dark tan hide for 300 cartridges of 12 bore, the original compartment has been removed, with carrying strap and lock, key missing, interior of lid embossed with the maker's emble...

Lot: 1202

Leather cartridge bag

Result: 200 EUR

This speed loader cartridge bag manufactured by Longthorne holds 75 12 bore cartridges, the strap is made from cotton canvas and very comfortable, donated by the maker the proceeds will go to FACE.

Lot: 1201

Leather motor case for a pair of shotguns

Result: 650 EUR

Compact case of tan leather lined with green baize, for two detached guns with up to 72 cm barrel length, straps, combination lock, condition 2-3.

Lot: 1200

guncase Holland & Holland - London

Result: 400 EUR

Leather case with brass corners for a detached shotgun up to 78 cm barrel length, straps missing, handle torn (included), with claning rod, oil bottle and brushes, with a trade label by Holland & Holl...

Lot: 1102

binoculars Swarovski CL Companion 10x30B, für FACE

Result: 700 EUR

Recognise the deciding features with the new CL Companion 10x30. Its improved optics with 10 times magnification brings you even nearer to nature. this compact binoculars weighing in at only 500 g con...

Lot: 1101

scope with laser range finder Zeiss Victory Diarange M 3-12x56

Result: 1.200 EUR

illuminated reticule 4NK, with EAW pivot mount uppers and lens covers, condition 1-2.

Lot: 1100

binoculars Zeiss 20x60S Zub.

Result: 1.600 EUR

mint binoculars in original aluminium case (with 2 keys) and manual, condition 2.

Lot: 901

pair of duelling pistols flintlock Riez - France, calibre .60, #without, § frei ab 18, Zub.

Starting price 12.000 EUR

Cannon-shaped smooth blued barrels, profusely decorated with gold-washed ornaments, the maker's initials "DR" in gold in a laurel wreath, nickel-plated counter lockplate and ramrod pipes, nicely shape...

Lot: 900

pair of duelling pistols percussion "Albert Staehle in Wien", calibre .44, #without, § frei ab 18, Zub.

Starting price 8.000 EUR

25 cm rifled, blued octagonal barrel, on top gold inlaid "K. K. Hofbüchsenmacher Albert Staehle in Wien", gold inlaid numbers at the breech "1" and "2", bright polished furniture of steel engraved wit...

Lot: 725

Pair of s/s sidelock shotguns by E. J. Churchill - London model Premiere Exhibition, 10/67, #6833 & 6834, § D

Result: 80.000 EUR

66 cm chopperlump barrels (26"), narrowing matted Churchill type rib, ejectors,choked 1/2 & full, colour hardened action, flattened fences, self-opening bar-action pinless sidelocks, intercepting sear...

Lot: 724

s/s shotgun-sidelock Mauserwerke Oberndorf Mod. Bristol, 12/70, #23730, § D

Starting price 2.200 EUR

71 cm chopper lump barrels, ejectors, choked 1/2 & full, matte filed narrowing Churchill style rib, bright action, bar-action sidelocks, intercepting sears, cocking indicators, disc-set strikers, bold...

Lot: 723

hammer s/s shotgun J. Michelitsch - Ferlach, 12/70, #08175, § D.

Result: 1.900 EUR

71 cm barrels, extractor, flat engine-turned rib, choked 1/2 & full, French grey action, hammer bar-action locks, engraved with bold scroll, hammers with hare’s ear spurs, double triggers, grained wal...

Lot: 722

s/s shotgun-sidelock G. Delderenne, signiert Jan Trnka - Brno, 12/70, #8578, § D

Starting price 2.800 EUR

74,5 cm barrels, ejectors, concave rib, choked 1/2 & 3/4, third fastener, colour hardened action with traces of colour, side bolsters, bar-action sidelocks, gold-washed lockwork, intercepting sears, e...

Lot: 721

Hammer s/s shotgun H. Pieper - Liege Mod. Diane, signed, Josef Wich in Reichenberg, 12/65, #7502, § D

Starting price 1.200 EUR

68 cm monobloc barrels, concave engine-turned rib, ivory bead, ejectors (to be checked), choked 1/4 & 1/4, rounded action with traces of colour, Greener crossbolt, finely carved fences in percussion g...

Lot: 720

s/s shotgun M. Ogris - Ferlach, 12/65, #14229, § D

Starting price 1.000 EUR

74 cm barrels of browned rose Damascus, concave engine-turned rib, ivory bead, ejectors, choked 1/2 & full, colour hardened action with fine English scroll engraving, Anson & Deeley boxlock, Greener c...

Lot: 719

o/u shotgun F.lli Piotti / Waffen Wirnhier Mod. COWI Skeet, 12/70, #3516, § D

Result: 1.100 EUR

66,5 cm barrels, ventilated engine-turned rib, ejectors, choked Skeet & Skeet, colour hardened action with bold scroll engraving, sliding tang safety fixed by a pin, single trigger, grained walnut sto...

Lot: 718

s/s shotgun-sidelock J. Blanch & Son - London model Centennial, 12/70, #6693, § D Zub. €€

Result: 2.000 EUR

71 cm barrels, concave rib, choked 1/4 & 1/2, ejectors, third grip, bright rounded action with interna traces of colour, leg-of-mutton shaped back-action sidelocks, full-coverage engraving of shaded f...

Lot: 717

pair of s/s shotguns sidelock Arrieta - Spanien, left hand stocks, 20/70, #227-06 & #228-06, § D, Zub.

Starting price 5.000 EUR

73,5 cm chopper lump-barrels, flat matted rib, choked 1/4 & 1/4, ejectors, blued action with gold inlaid borders, gold inlaid numbered "1" and "2" on all parts, hand-detachable bar-action sidelocks, E...

Lot: 716

o/u shotgun-sidelock G. Juch - Ferlach,12/70, #512492, § D, Zub., €€

Starting price 5.000 EUR

70 cm barrels with ventilated, engine-turned rib, ejectors, choked 1/2 & 3/4, bright action, Kersten crossbolt with additionally bolted lumps, hand-detachable back-action sidelocks, intercepting sears...

Lot: 715

s/s shotgun-sidelock J. Purdey & Sons - London, 12/65, #11801, § D, Zub.

Result: 10.000 EUR

76 cm chopper lump barrels, concave rib, ejectors, choked cylinder & 1/4, third grip, colour hardened action, self-opener type Beesley, bar-action sidelocks, intercepting sears, cocking indicators, en...

Lot: 714

s/s shotgun J. Fanzoj - Ferlach, 16/70, #21398, § D

Starting price 900 EUR

75 cm barrels, engine-turned concave rib, extractor, choked 1/2 & 3/4, bright action with sideplates, Anson & Deeley boxlock, Greener crossbolt, engraved with game scenes of pheasants on the left, duc...

Lot: 713

o/u shotgun-sidelock Gebr. Merkel - Suhl, model 203E, 12/70, #86098, § D

Result: 2.400 EUR

71 cm barrels, flat engine-turned rib, choked 3/4 & full, hand-detachable back-action sidelocks, cocking indicators and intercepting sears, bold scroll engraving, double trigger with articulated front...