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29th Silent Auction

AT-1220 Wien, Kagraner Platz 9  

Auction on Thursday, December 5, 2019 from 15:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
18 Results
Lot: 3500

muzzleloader pistol bundle lot (percussion and flintlock), 2 items, § unrestricted

Result: 750 EUR

European percussion pistol around 1850, calibre 10,5 mm, 20 cm rifled blued octagonal barrel, sear does not hold, Oriental flintlock pistol around 1840, calibre 15 mm, 26 cm round smooth barrel with g...

Lot: 3501

pinfire revolver, 5 mm Lefaucheux, #7409, § unrestricted

Result: 150 EUR

typical pocket revolver around 1865, engraved, folding trigger, lock in need of inspection, in contemporary case in style of a spectacles case, this in poor condition, condition III.

Lot: 3502

matchlock musket, 19 mm, § unrestricted

Result: 350 EUR

matchlock musket after German military model from the 17th century, 107,5 cm round, at the breech octagonal barrel with open sights, unknown maker's mark on top of the breech, walnut full stock (worm ...

Lot: 3503

Percussion O/U combination gun, Franz Bartusch in Wien, 14,3 mm / 16 bore, § unrestricted

Result: 888 EUR

68,5 cm round Damascus barrels, dovetailed front sight, rear sight on tang, ornaments gold and silver inlaid on the breeches, inlaid maker's name, also on the lock plates, locks, trigger guard and bre...

Lot: 3504

percussion rifle Franz Ainsidl in Wien, 12,5 mm, § unrestricted

Result: 655 EUR

Sporting rifle with 69 cm rifled octagonal barrel, dovetailed adjustable open sights, bayonet socket on the right for a hunting sword, tang and lock engraved, double set trigger, walnut full-stock wit...

Lot: 3505

Percussion rifle barrel, 13,5 mm, #2, § unrestricted

Result: 25 EUR

72 cm rifled octagonal barrel, signed silver inlaid "Joh. Peterlongo in Innsbruck - Guss Stahl Rohr", tang and breech floral engraved. open sights with additional folding leaf. blued, flash rusty, but...

Lot: 3506

percussion shotgun IW, 20 bore, § unrestricted

Result: 222 EUR

95 cm round and octagonal barrel, brass bead and brass rear sight, carved walnut half-stock, brass mounts, bone inlaid, angular cheekpiece, patchbox, carved wooden trigger guard enforced by brass, loc...

Lot: 3507

percussion shotgun, unknown maker, 12 bore, § unrestricted

Result: 64 EUR

detachable barrel, hammer with long spur, simple work without trigger guard, short softwood stock with crack in wrist, condition iV-V.

Lot: 3508

percussion shotgun, unknown maker, 20 bore, § unrestricted

Result: 150 EUR

78 cm round and octagonal barrel, lockplate with brazed repair, half-stock with brass furniture, condition IV-V.

Lot: 3509

Pair duelling percussion pistols, cased, Siegel - Salzburg, 11 mm, #without, § unrestricted

Result: 1.750 EUR

25 cm rifled octagonal barrels, signed "Siegel in Salzburg", lockplates, hammers and furniture engraved, walnut stocks chequered at the grips, condition of the arms spotty without pitting. In a heavy ...

Lot: 3510

wheellock rifle, 15,3 mm, § unrestricted

Result: 655 EUR

65 cm octagonal barrel, dovetailed open sights, full-stock with angular cheekpiece and remarkably short buttstock, horn tip and brass furniture, unsigned lockplate with crack and repairs, iron trigger...

Lot: 3511

target rifle H. Sauer in Wien, 6 mm Flobert(?), #178, § unrestricted

Result: 555 EUR

65 cm octagonal barrel, inlaid maker's name on top, Flobert action, double set trigger, elaborately engraved brass furniture, target aperture sight, carved walnut stock with Tyrolean cheekpiece, multi...

Lot: 3512

flintlock pistol, 19 mm, § unrestricted

Result: 70 EUR

Probably a Historicism period manufacture using older parts, massive rounder, short barrel (20 cm) - perhaps used as firecracker, condition IV. provenance: From the collection of Schloss Windern in De...

Lot: 3513

flintlock pistol, British (?), 17,4 mm, early 19th century, #without, § unrestricted

Result: 150 EUR

Similar to the British cavalry pistol M.1807, lockplate signed "1816", metal parts (flash) rusty, stock near the lock splintered, condition IV. provenance: From the collection of Schloss Windern in De...

Lot: 3514

pinfire S/S shotgun Sircuy - Aix, 16 Lefaucheux, #435, § unrestricted

Result: 200 EUR

76 cm barrels of twist Damascus, brushed bright, concave rib, extractor, rounded action, rotating bolt action type Lefaucheux with long underlever beneath the fore-end, back-action hammer locks, gold ...

Lot: 3515

Ottoman musket "Tufek", 16 mm, #without, § unrestricted

Starting price 1.500 EUR

110 cm smooth barrel, fluted and octagonal twist Damascus, tapered to the muzzle, brass bead, breech engraved with scroll and an illegible maker's mark, small flintlock in Miquelet style, button trigg...

Lot: 3516

Percussion gun calibre 28, #no number, § unrestricted

Result: 350 EUR

Musket converted from flintlock to percussion, 2 stage barrel changing from octagonal to round, carved walnut half-stock with brass furniture, renewed ramrod, barrel and lock with old pitting marks, c...

Lot: 3517

Stiftfeuerrevolver belgisch, 7 mm Lefaucheux, #944, § frei ab 18

Starting price 750 EUR

6 Schüssiger Taschenrevolver, Klappabzug. Um 1865, Zustand III.