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29th Silent Auction

AT-1220 Wien, Kagraner Platz 9  

Auction on Thursday, December 5, 2019 from 15:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
22 Results
Lot: 9000

tripod and leather rucksack

Result: 40 EUR

fur lined seat, rucksack with synthetic lining for transporting game. condition 2.

Lot: 9001

gunsleeves of leather, bundle lot, 5 items

Result: 70 EUR

3 for long arms, 1 short for detached break action, 1 leg of mutton case. condition III-IV.

Lot: 9002

gunsleeves, bundle lot, 4 items

Result: 150 EUR

2 for scoped long arms of synthetic leather, 115 cm, 120 cm, and 2 soft leather leg of mutton cases for detached break action up to 76 cm barrels, condition 3-4.

Lot: 9003

gunsleeves, bundle lot, 5 items

Result: 40 EUR

1 lined synthetic and 1 short canvas, 2 soft leg of mutton cases, a Brady canvas case, condition 3-4.

Lot: 9004

gunsleeves, bundle lot, 2 items

Result: 30 EUR

2 synthetic cases for long arms, one foam lined. condition 3-4.

Lot: 9005

rifle case SportLock

Result: 96 EUR

Quality hard case 133 cm, with rollers and handle for 2 long arms, keys included, condition 2.

Lot: 9006

rifle case and gunsleeves, bundle lot, 3 items

Result: 50 EUR

1 hard synthetic case and 2 lined gunsleeves with zipper, condition 3.

Lot: 9007

rifle case, extremely sturdy

Result: 200 EUR

hard synthetic case, internal dimension 141 x 43 cm (lined with foam), for up to 4 long arms, externally 157 x 55 x 22 cm, with rollers and handles, keys included, condition 2.

Lot: 9008

rifle case, bundle lot, 2 items

Result: 31 EUR

synthetic case and old canvas covered case for a detached break action, condition 3-4.

Lot: 9009

rifle case, bundle lot, 2 items

Result: 79 EUR

135 cm case by Flambeau with key, 1 aluminium case 123 cm with key. condition 2-3.,

Lot: 9010

rifle case, bundle lot, 3 items

Result: 70 EUR

1 suede leg of mutton case 80 cm and 2 cases 80 cm, condition 3.

Lot: 9011

Hard leather case for shoulder arm

Result: 205 EUR

Stamped in lid "Fritz Neuber - Wiener Neustadt", for a Mannlicher Schoenauer Stutzen or similar up to 108 cm total length, condition 3.

Lot: 9012

hunting accessories, bundle lot

Result: 51 EUR

Leather scope case, short tuft of chamois hair, tripod (seat height 68 cm) and nickel plated Signal horn "Musica", condition 3.

Lot: 9013

Cartridge bag and pouch, leather, bundle lot

Result: 45 EUR

both with sling, condition 3.

Lot: 9014

guncase and gunsleeve bundle lot

Result: 50 EUR

lockable synthetic case and a cordura case for a scoped arm.

Lot: 9015

hunting leather gear, large bundle lot

Result: 53 EUR

3 cartridge belts for 12 bore, 1 scope case, 3 cartridge wallets, 6 rifle slings, 8 muzzle caps, 2 hand guards for S/S shotgun, 2 luggage belts. condition 2-3.

Lot: 9016

game calls, bundle lot, 3 items

Result: 20 EUR

2 Rehfiep Hubertus roe deer calls and 1 duck call. condition 2.

Lot: 9017


Result: 70 EUR

Koffer für eine zerlegte Kipplaufwaffe, außen braun marmoriertes Kunstleder, innen mit grünem Filz ausgelegt. Schlüssel fehlen, Zustand 3.

Lot: 9018

Schießriemen für schwedisches Matchgewehr M63

Result: 33 EUR

Kurzversion, Zustand 3.

Lot: 9019

Waffenschloss Stopshot 0

Result: 20 EUR

In Originalschachtel mit Anleitung in Schwedisch. Zustand 2-3.

Lot: 9020

Waffenkoffer und Gewehr-Futterale, Konvolut von 3 Stück

Result: 120 EUR

Ein schwarzer Hartschalenkoffer für 1 Langwaffe sowie zwei Schinkenlederfutterale. Zustand 3.

Lot: 9021

Spazierstock-Konvolut - 3 Stück

Starting price 30 EUR

4 einfache Holzstöcke, einer davon mit ornamentiertem Blechknauf. Zustand III.