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29th Silent Auction

AT-1220 Wien, Kagraner Platz 9  

Auction on Thursday, December 5, 2019 from 15:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
17 Results
Lot: 6500

CO2 match pistol, Walther CP5, 4,5mm, #02030, § unrestricted (W 802-18)

Result: 70 EUR

Anatomic. grip (adjustable). condition 3.

Lot: 6501

CO2 match pistol, Walther CP5, 4,5mm, #02033, § unrestricted (W 802-18)

Result: 70 EUR

Anatomic. grip (adjustable). condition 2-3.

Lot: 6502

CO2 pistol Smith & Wesson model 79G, 4,5 mm, § unrestricted

Result: 35 EUR

function not tested, condition 3-4.

Lot: 6503

line thrower type Schermuly, British, 4 bore, #2701, § unrestricted

Result: 155 EUR

Based on the British Navy flare pistol Webley & Scott Mk. III this line thrower has been designed adding a 35 cm tube calibre 51 mm with a handle during the inter-war period. Steel parts are heavily c...

Lot: 6504

flare pistol Austria - Hungary, Artilleriezeugsfabrik Arsenal Wien, 4 bore, #29169, § unrestricted

Result: 120 EUR

acceptance "W-n eagle 16" on the left, signed "AZF EAXI" (Artilleriezeugsfabrik Abteilung XI), heavily pitted, technically sound, condition IV-V.

Lot: 6505

air rifle Browning X-Blade II GP, 5,5 mm, #CD013777, § unrestricted

Result: 275 EUR

cocks on folding barrel, black synthetic stock, rail mounted Walther 6x42, reticule 4A, condition 2.

Lot: 6506

air rifle Crossman model Phantom, 4,5mm, #807X00625, § unrestricted (W 982-18)

Result: 66 EUR

47 cm folding barrel, adjustable sights, black synthetic stock 38 cm, rail mounted scope 4x32, reticule Plex, condition 3.

Lot: 6507

air rifle Diana model 25, 4,5mm, § unrestricted

Result: 40 EUR

flash rust on barrel, receiver and heavily on trigger guard, condition 3-4.

Lot: 6508

air rifle Diana model 25D, 4,5 mm, § unrestricted

Result: 110 EUR

40 cm folding barrel, softwood stock, condition 4.

Lot: 6509

air rifle Diana model 27, 4,5mm

Result: 30 EUR

receiver and stock rubbed, metal parts partially heavily flash rusty, condition 4.

Lot: 6510

air rifle Hämmerli model 450, 4,5mm, #0203120, § unrestricted (W 802-18)

Result: 175 EUR

61 cm barrel, cocking lever above the barrel, adjustable softwood stock, seals in need of repair, condition 4.

Lot: 6511

air rifle Perfecta RS26, 4,5 mm, § unrestricted accessories

Result: 91 EUR

mint, cocks on folding barrel, black synthetic stock, rail mounted Umarex 4x2, reticule similar to 7A, with original box, condition 1.

Lot: 6512

air rifle lever action Walther, 4,5mm, #W163850113, § unrestricted

Result: 200 EUR

stainless steel look, push-button safety, saddle ring, softwood stock 37 cm, condition 2-3.

Lot: 6514

blank revolver as clone ("replica") of a Colt Navy 1851, A. Uberti Italy, 9 mm blank (.

Result: 320 EUR

octagonal barrel, loading press and frame colour hardened, brass gripframe, PTB marked, condition 2.

Lot: 6515

flare pistol, CZ Vz30, 4 bore, #22915, § unrestricted

Result: 450 EUR

Czech military Vz. (model) 1930. acceptance on the left "E11 lion 39". On top of the breech marked with the maker, serial number and "Vz.30". reworked but good condition. Collectable rare item, condit...

Lot: 6516

gallery rifle Schielhabl in Wien, 4 mm RF, #without, § unrestricted

Result: 320 EUR

Interesting arm, obviously made from a muzzle loader, signed on top of the barrel with maker's name, aperture sights, double set trigger. 19 cm effective bore with loading spoon, bad rusty condition, ...