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Lot: 100

AMT Auto Mag Mod. 180, IAI-Irwindale Arms Inc., .44 Auto Mag, #A03374, § B accessories

Result: 3.400 EUR

As good as new, in original box with parts list and tools/oilers. Viennese proof 1972, condition 1-2.

Lot: 101

Beretta 92G Wilson Combat Brigadier Tactical, 9 mm Luger, WC2095, § B, accessories

Result: 700 EUR

Version G (only de-cocking function, no safety catch!), aluminium grip with Weaver rail, grip plates in olive-black layered look, adjustable LPA match sight, matt black lacquer finish, 4 magazines, in...

Lot: 102

FN Browning High Power M35, model Captain, 9 mm Luger, #44284, § B

Result: 750 EUR

Tangent sight, notch for shoulder stock, very well maintained gun in very good condition, Belgian proof, condition II.

Lot: 103

cavalry pistol M.1770, Ferlach, § unrestricted

Result: 500 EUR

28.3 cm long round barrel, octagonal smooth bore, marked "MK" (Martin Korenbrät - Ferlach) top left "18", brass front sight, steel fittings, the lock counterplate marked "AR", pitted cleaned metal con...

Lot: 104

Lahti L-35, manufactured by Valmet, mod. IV in original box, 9 mm Luger, #7287, § B, accessories

Result: 1.400 EUR

A commercial variant of the Finnish service pistol L-35, made after WWII in 2000 units. On top of receiver marked "VALMET L-35". Factory condition pistol in original cardboard box including tool and c...

Lot: 105

Lahti L-35, manufactured by Valmet, mod. IV in presentation box, 9 mm Luger, #50055, § B, accessories

Result: 1.500 EUR

On top of receiver marked "VALMET L-35". Our specimen has a very special high gloss finish and was obviously made on occasion of the 50 year anniversary of this model (1935-1985). Factory condition, c...

Lot: 106

Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX, .50 AE, #DE0001482, § B accessories

Result: 1.500 EUR

Pistol legend in original case. German proof, condition 3.

Lot: 107

Mannlicher Mod. 1901-IV pocket pistol, Deluxe model, OEWG Steyr, 7,63 Mannlicher, #38, § B

Result: 2.200 EUR

Extremely rare pistol model from Steyr, see MÖTZ/SCHUY, Vom Ursprung der Selbstladepistole p.358. The low, two-digit serial number makes the gun all the more attractive for collectors. Grip and slide ...

Lot: 108

Mauser C96/12 with matching numbered shoulder stock, 7,63 mm Mauser, #360788, §B

Result: 1.400 EUR

Commercial model with new safety, matching numbered with stock, this one without crack, good bore, ca. 90% original finish, old German proof "double crown above U", lanyard ring missing. condition II.

Lot: 109

Mauser C96/12, Deluxe model, 7,63 mm Mauser, #319111, § B

Result: 1.300 EUR

Version "Wartime Commercial" with new safety, on the barrel and magazine case engraved with scroll, monogram "JP" on the left, ivory grips, proof "double crown over U", the sight slide is loose and mu...

Lot: 110

Parabellum P08 Wehrmacht, Mauserwerke, 9 mm Luger, #5827d, § B

Result: 1.300 EUR

Coded "S/42 G" (for the year 1935), identical numbers, as far as visible except magazine, acceptance "Eagle over 63" on the right, original finish with the usual signs of wear at the edges, yellow tem...

Lot: 111

Parabellum Switzerland, Waffenfabrik Bern, model 1906/24, 7,65 mm Parabellum, #16676, § B

Result: 800 EUR

Swiss ordnance pistol of the generation 2.5 (intermediate generation), often only called Swiss model 1906. 120 mm long barrel, Swiss cross with writing "WAFFENFABRIK BERN" on the front knee joint. Pri...

Lot: 112

Peters Stahl .45 ACP, #93.007, § B with exchangeable barrel 9 mm Luger, § B

Starting price 1.800 EUR

6 inch barrel, skeleton hammer and trigger, Pachmayr rubber grip, rubber-reinforced magazine base, grip matt-nickel plated. proof 1993. accompanied by the German proofed exchangeable barrel cal. 9 mm ...

Lot: 113

Radom Wz. 35, 9 mm Luger, #32780, § B

Result: 2.600 EUR

Polish ordnance pistol, all matching numbers, at the left side of the slide the Polish eagle with patent number, maker- and pattern name. Expertly reworked, very good condition, very good bore and bar...

Lot: 114

SIG 210-6, 9 mm Luger, #304569, § B accessories

Result: 1.600 EUR

Weapon as good as new, very well maintained, in original box with instructions, shooting sheet, loading aid and a SIG patch. Austrian proof, condition 2.

Lot: 115

Steyr SP, 7,65 Browning, Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG, #267, § B accessories

Result: 1.000 EUR

Rare modern pocket pistol. See also MÖTZ/SCHUY, Die Weiterentwicklung der Selbstladepistole I, S. . Our company, Joh. Springer's Erben (JSE), plays a special role in the history of this gun, as JSE wa...

Lot: 116

four barrel break action "Howdah"- pistol Charles Lancaster - London, .476 CF (= .476 Enfield / Eley), #8593, § B before 1871

Result: 4.000 EUR

15.5 cm barrels, fluted ribs, on top inscribed "Charles Lancaster (Patent), 151 New Bond St., London", oval bores, nickel silver front sight, express sight, colour hardened action, top barrel lumps wi...

Lot: 117

Walther Zella-Mehlis, Heerespistole (HP) (army pistol), 9 mm Luger, #2089, § B

Starting price 900 EUR

predecessor of the P38, not matching numbered, edges rubbed, Walther pre-war original finish, slightly spotty, de-cocking faulty, (old) German nitro proof "eagle above N", very good bore, condition II...

Lot: 118

Walther Zella-Mehlis, PP of the Tyrolean Shooters Association, 7,65 Browning, #139245P, § B accessories

Result: 2.800 EUR

Original finish in peace quality, Tyrolean eagle at the left side of the grip as a property mark of the Tyrolean Shooting Association from the time of the IIIrd Reich. Weapon in original box with rese...

Lot: 200

Colt Combat Python, .357 Mag., #T75916, § B accessories

Result: 4.000 EUR

2,5 inch barrel, Pachmayr rubber grip, German proof, cylinder pivot needs to be fixed, otherwise condition 2. with original box with cover and manual, original grips included.

Lot: 201

Gasser M.1870, 11 mm Gasser, #23902, § B before 1900

Result: 1.000 EUR

year of manufacture 1871, acceptance "T above eagle", troop stamp "14TD246" (14. Traindivision Waffe 246), matching numbered, partly very worn finish, possibly reworked a long time earlier, good overa...

Lot: 202

Korth .357 Magnum, #36201, § B accessories

Result: 2.600 EUR

80 mm barrel, walnut grips with finger grooves, German proof 1985, German pistol classic in very good condition 2-3, in original case with manual, original grips included.

Lot: 203

Rast & Gasser M.98, 8 mm Gasser, #ML70030, § B accessories

Result: 800 EUR

Army revolver M.98, acceptance 1916, identical numbers, exceptionally nice original condition, only a little bit stained, with original lanyard. No valid proof, collectors gun, condition II.

Lot: 204

Reichsrevolver Mod. M1883, 10,6 mm German ordnance, #3555, § B made before 1900

Result: 1.000 EUR

The military weapon was engraved later (scroll), partly inlaid with gold threads and reworked. Rust pitting on the safety lever and on the lower grip, otherwise condition II-III. No valid proof, inter...