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35. Klassische Auktion

AT-1220 Wien, Kagraner Platz 9  

Auction on Thursday, November 11, 2021 from 16:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
57 Results
Lot: 713

sidelock O/U shotgun, Ivo Fabbri - Brescia, 12/70 #3347 § C

Result: 65.000 EUR

70 cm chopper lump barrels of Boehler Super Blitz, ventilated engine-turned rib, choked 1/2 & full, ejectors, bright action, side bolted action similar to Woodward, back-action sidelocks, intercepting...

Lot: 704

hammer 4 barrel shotgun Abbiatico & Salvinelli (FAMARS) model Quatrocanne, 28/70, #400, § C, accessories

Result: 30.000 EUR

70 cm chopper lump barrels in squared formation, concave rib, engraved for the dealer "L. Pallard à Marseille", extractor, crossbolted doll's head, bright action, engraved with fine scroll and Bulino ...

Lot: 509

sidelock S/S double rifle Holland & Holland - London model Royal, .300 H&H Mag., #35239, § C, accessories

Result: 30.000 EUR

63,5 cm chopper lump barrels, file-cut quarter rib, express sights, additional folding leaf, front sight with folding hood / night sight, ejectors, hidden third grip, colour hardened action, side bols...

Lot: 708

pair of sidelock S/S shotguns F.lli Piotti - Gardone, 12/70, #6149 & #6150, § C

Result: 19.000 EUR

70 cm chopper lump barrels, concave file-cut rib, ejectors, choked 1/4 & 1/2, bright action, bar-action sidelocks, cocking indicators, intercepting sears, full coverage chiselled foliate scroll before...

Lot: 718

sidelock S/S shotgun, Holland & Holland - London, model Royal Deluxe Self-Opener, 12/70 #36363 § C

Result: 17.000 EUR

70 cm barrels (27.5"), ejectors, concave engine-turned rib, choked 1/8 & 3/8, bright action, hand-detachable bar-action sidelocks, internally signed "Brazier - Ashes", gold inlaid cocking indicators, ...

Lot: 709

pair of sidelock S/S shotguns Holland & Holland - London, 12/65, #22914 & #22962, § C

Result: 15.000 EUR

71 cm barrels, ejectors, concave rib, engraved with Bruton Street address, choked 1/4 & 3/4, formerly colour hardened action, hand-detachable bar-action sidelocks, gold inlaid cocking indicators, inte...

Lot: 716

sidelock S/S shotgun J. Purdey & Sons - London, 12/70, #27160, § C, accessories

Result: 12.500 EUR

71 cm chopper lump barrels, concave rib, ejectors, third grip, choked 1/4 & 1/4, action with full colours, fine scroll engraving, side clips, self opening bar-action sidelocks type Beesley, cocking in...

Lot: 707

pair of sidelock S/S shotguns F.lli Piotti - Gardone model Monte Carlo, 12/70, #7649 & #7650 § C

Result: 5.500 EUR

68 cm chopper lump barrels, concave rib, inscribed with maker's address, ejectors, choked 1/4 & 3/4, bright action, rose and scroll engraving signed "A. Piotti", hand-detachable bar-action sidelocks, ...

Lot: 503

falling block S/S double rifle Joh. Kalezky's Witwe - Vienna, 9,3x74R, #654.62, § C

Result: 4.500 EUR

59,5 cm (shortened) barrels, later file-cut rib, express sights, (newly) colour hardened action, border engraved, double falling block action with lever beneath the trigger guard, automatic sliding ta...

Lot: 504

hammer S/S double rifle J. Woodward & Sons - London, presumably .360 Express 2¼ inch, #3558, § C

Result: 3.600 EUR

66 cm barrels of steel, lead rifling (inscribed "Henry's Patent"), file-cut rib, express sights with 2 additional folding leaves inscribed "100, 200, 300", extractor, trim rounded action with internal...

Lot: 711

sidelock O/U shotgun Beretta model SO3 EELL, 12/70, #27274, with exchangeable barrel, § C, accessories

Result: 3.000 EUR

70 cm monobloc barrels, ventilated engine-turned rib, ejectors, choked 1/2 & full, side bolted action, bright action, engraved with foliate scroll and blossoms on stippled background, signed "G. Pedre...

Lot: 805

Kingdom of Hungary, hussar officer's sabre about 1740

Result: 3.000 EUR

Blade 85 cm long and 47 mm wide, so-called "Madonna blade", signed "POTTENSTEIN", engraved with the Madonna of the Radiant Crown "Maria mater dei patrona hungariae..."/ Hungarian patriarchal cross "In...

Lot: 712

sidelock O/U shotgun Beretta SO3 EELL, 12/70, #27775, § C

Result: 2.800 EUR

70 cm barrels of Boehler Antinit, ventilated engine-turned rib, ejectors, choked 1/2 & full, side bolted action, bright action, full coverage engraved with foliate scroll and blossoms on shaded backgr...

Lot: 500

O/U double rifle Krieghoff - Ulm model Teck, 9,3x74R; § C accessories

Result: 2.600 EUR

64 cm barrels, stepped engine-turned rib, folding rear sight, extractor, choked full, bright action, bold scroll engraving, Kersten crossbolt with additionally bolted lumps, cocking indicators, slidin...

Lot: 800

Austrian Empire, dragoon officer's sword about 1730

Result: 2.500 EUR

Blade 88 cm long and 37 mm wide with a cross-section in the rear quarter double, then triple fluted. Indistinct engravings, brass hilt with scallop-shaped basket and single guard, long iron middles wi...

Lot: 103

Parabellum, Mauserwerke, model 06/73 luxury version, 9 mm Luger, #11.019517

Result: 2.400 EUR

Individual luxury version of a Parabellum 06/73 made by Mauser in the 1970s, border engraving with gold ribbon inlays, gilded operating and small parts, a birthday dedication on the left, family coat ...

Lot: 402

Mauser 66S, 7 mm Rem. Mag., #SG37766, with exchangeable barrel .375 H&H Mag., #SG36933, § C

Result: 2.400 EUR

61 cm hexagonal barrel, adjustable sights, bright telescopic action scroll engraved, borders with gold inlaid, brown bear on the right, moose on the left, direct trigger, secured rotating safety on th...

Lot: 702

O/U shotgun Perazzi - Brescia model MT 6, 12/70, #103562, § C, accessories

Result: 1.900 EUR

74 cm monobloc barrels, 5 exchangeable chokes, ventilated, engine-turned rib, signal bead, ejectors, blued action, side bolted action, pinhead engraving, sliding safety on tang, single trigger, straig...

Lot: 803

Kingdom of Hungary, hussar men's rank sabre about 1670

Result: 1.800 EUR

85 cm long and 37 mm wide, four grooves, front with "Jellmann", iron hilt with 18 cm long, straight quillons and thumb ring. Wooden scabbard covered with leather, with simple iron mountings. Still in ...

Lot: 201

Korth, .357 Mag., #31377, § B

Result: 1.800 EUR

6" barrel, proof 1978, German quality revolver in almost mint condition, with 4 speed loaders and 2 loading boards in addition. Condition 2-3.

Lot: 300

semi auto rifle Valmet M62/S, 7,62 x 39, #146468, § B

Result: 1.700 EUR

40 cm barrel with flash hider and bayonet mount, export model made for USA, marked with Interarms, Alexandria, Virginia. Black varnished stock and pistol grip, model based on the reliability of the AK...

Lot: 102

Mauser C96 model 1930, 7,63 Mauser, #853265, § B

Result: 1.600 EUR

The penultimate model of the C96, already finished in the dip bluing process. Original finish, British proof. With original shoulder stock with Mauser logo on the left. Condition II.

Lot: 301

Steyr Mannlicher SSG 69, .308 Win., #32911, § C

Result: 1.500 EUR

Set trigger (not regular for this weapon), mounted with original rail mounts with ZF69 by Kahles (special reticle, optics clear), irregular canvas sling, proof 1972, condition III.

Lot: 403

Mauser 98 commercial sporter, Waffenfabrik Mauser type C, 8x57IS (?), #3053, § C

Result: 1.400 EUR

60 cm stepped barrel, adjustable tangent sight to 1000 m, receiver ring inscribed "Waffenfabrik Mauser A.-G. - Oberndorf A/N 1908", pear shaped bolt handle, long cocking piece, flag type safety, dual ...