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Commiss-Flinte M.1767/74, 18,3 mm, § frei ab 18

Starting price 1.000 EUR

112 cm langer, rückwärts seitlich abgeflachter glatter Lauf, darauf div. Marken und "67", Batterieschloss, geschwärzter Schaft, Eisenbeschläge. Ladestock unpassend. Zustand III. Siehe Gabriel Kat.-Nr....

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Kavalleriepistole M.1798, 17,6 mm, § frei ab 18

Starting price 700 EUR

26,2 cm langer, glatter Lauf, Batterieschloss mit Messingpfanne (Replikat), Messingbeschläge, Zustand III. Siehe Gabriel Kat.-Nr. 144.

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flintlock O/U double barrel shotgun "Wender", Johann Christoph Kuchenreuter, calibre 15,5 mm, #without, § unrestricted

Starting price 1.500 EUR

Exclusive hunting rifle made around 1780 by the famous German gunsmith. Swivelling barrel bundle with two 78 cm long smooth bore barrels, round on the outside, then octagonal in the rear third, brass ...

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Air rifle ("Bolzbuechse") St. Jillichmann - Vienna, #without, § unrestricted

Starting price 1.200 EUR

72 cm smooth octagonal barrel of blued iron, from the middle fluted edges, gold inlaid maker's name, gold inlaid ribbons on breech, dovetailed front sight with hood, rear sight removed, adjustable ape...