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19. Klassische Auktion

Completed | Physical auction

164 Results

Lot 1

Beretta 92 Stock, 9 mm Luger, #G28920Z, § B

Starting price 240 EUR
Result: 900 EUR

Mint condition Beretta 92 with accessories in original box (manual is missing). proof 1996, condition 2.

Lot 2

Colt Government M1911A1, .45 ACP, #

Starting price 380 EUR
Result: 1.300 EUR

Classic US ordnance pistol, parkerized original finish, typical inscription on lhs of slide including "Colt logo". Mint condition except a little ding on lhs of the upper slide edge. No valid proof -...

Lot 3

Colt Officer's ACP, .45 ACP, #OU324, § B

Starting price 500 EUR
Result: 750 EUR

Special issue "Officer's Ultimate" of an Officer's ACP (smallest Government version in the original caliber) in new condition: nickel-plated slide and small parts, high polish blued gripframe, rosewoo...

Lot 4

Colt Service Model ACE, .22 lr, #SM20284,

Starting price 300 EUR
Result: 500 EUR

A Goverment in .22 long rifle - out of the Colt- plant! Near mint condition, in Europe quite rare. With trigger shoe and Pachmayr-rubbergrip, original grip panels are attached. In original box. proof ...

Lot 5

FN Browning Mod. 1903, 9 mm Br. Long, #11531, § B

Starting price 200 EUR
Result: 260 EUR

Very good condition "big Army pistol" by Browning, made by FN of Belgium. 98% of original finish, on lhs property mark of an unknown authority "A8No.531". No valid proof, in homemade case. Condition I...

Lot 6

Glock 17 Gen3, 9 mm Luger, #PHB946, § B

Starting price 260 EUR
Result: 500 EUR

Mint condition Glock 17 in original case with all accessories and Sickinger-holster. proof of 2010, Condition 2.

Lot 7

Hämmerli Mod. 208, .22lr, #G32398, § B

Starting price 200 EUR
Result: 340 EUR

Mint condition match pistol, in original box (foam disintegrated). With sighting-in sheet in medaillon, extra magazine, barrel weight, and tool set. proof 1977, condition 1-2.

Lot 8

High Standard Supermatic Military Citation, .22 lr, #2475658, § B

Starting price 240 EUR
Result: 320 EUR

US-target pistol with bull barrel of 5 1/2", mint condition. proof 1976. In original carton - condition 1-2.

Lot 9

Korriphila TP70, .25 ACP, #2067, § B

Starting price 200 EUR
Result: 400 EUR

Very rare German vest pocket pistol of the post WWII period. High quality product, in original box with manual - new condition, proof 1976, condition 1.

Lot 10

Lathi L-35, made by Husquarna, .30 Luger, #74490, § B

Starting price 240 EUR
Result: 380 EUR

Finnish / Swedish pistol of unusual locking system (recoil operated with vertical block). In Sweden introduced as m/40 in 9 mm Luger caliber. Husquarna made about 100.000 units of this gun. Our specim...

Lot 11

Lignose "Einhandpistole" Mod. 3A, .25 ACP, #31259, § B

Starting price 200 EUR
Result: 320 EUR

Very rare model of a "Single hand pistol" (Einhandpistole), bigger than the standard type of this pistol (mod. 2A). The capacity of the magazine is 9 instead of 6 rounds. After WWI there were a lot of...

Lot 12

Mann, .25 ACP, #1757-10, § B

Starting price 300 EUR
Result: 320 EUR

Extremely rare German vest pocket pistol of the early 1920s, only made between 1920 and 1923. It is very lightweight due to the light breech. This breech is definitely too light for a blowback system....

Lot 13

Mannlicher Mod. 1905-IIb, 7.63 Mannlicher, #10205, § B (W 2114-14)

Starting price 400 EUR
Result: 800 EUR

Short barrel version of the 10 round Mannlicher pistol mod. 1905. Well used condition, all numbers matching, poor bore. Only about 50% of the original finish left, heavily worn off. Left grip panel wi...

Lot 14

Mauser 1910/34, .25 ACP, #427615, § B

Starting price 200 EUR
Result: 450 EUR

Made between 1934 and 1939, this model, also made in .32 ACP, was the most successful pocket pistol ever developed by Mauser. But the competitor from Walther (PP, PPK) were better and much more succes...

Lot 15

Mauser C96/16, 9 mm Luger, #115775, § B

Starting price 950 EUR
Result: 2.000 EUR

C96/16 in very good original condition with about 95% of finish, very good bore, all numbers matching. German nitro proof on lhs "double crown above U". Number of shoulder stock is matching. Without ...

Lot 16

Mauser HSc, .32 ACP, #850107, § B

Starting price 160 EUR
Result: 160 EUR

Legendary pocket pistol of the interwar period, proof "eagle above N" on rhs, excellent original condition. This "Hahnspannerpistole" by Mauser was issued as a competitor of the Walther PP and PPK pis...

Lot 17

Parabellum Mod. 1906 American Eagle, made by DWM, .30 Luger, #66541, § B

Starting price 1.500 EUR
Result: 1.500 EUR

Rare and early model of a Luger pistol, corresponding to the Swiss model 1900/06. All numbers matching, very nice original condition with about 98% of finish. Grip panels with sharp checkering, small ...

Lot 18

Luger P08 German Police, made by Mauserwerke, 9 mm Luger, #1904x, § B

Starting price 500 EUR
Result: 1.900 EUR

Police Lugers of the Third Reich had the Mauser-logo on the toggle and had a commercial proof, in our case "eagle above N" (not longer valid). Additionally the guns were marked with the acceptance sta...

Lot 19

Luger P08, DWM, 9 mm Luger, #6106+m, § B

Starting price 300 EUR
Result: 450 EUR

Double dated handgun of the "Reichswehr" 1916/1920, all numbers matching excluding magazine, good original condition. Prussian eagle and Gothic acceptance letter on rhs, about 80% finish, a little bit...

Lot 20

Luger, DWM, 7,65 Parabellum, #4044m, § B

Starting price 240 EUR
Result: 380 EUR

Commercial gun for export, barrel length 95 mm, e.g. used in the Finnish Army. DWM-monogram on toggle, German nitro proof "crown above N" on lhs, not longer valid. As far as we can see, all numbers ar...

Lot 21

Repeating pistol Reform - August Schüler - Suhl, .25 ACP, #177023, § B

Starting price 300 EUR
Result: 360 EUR

A technical curiosity from the pre WWI era. An over and under four barrel system. Our specimen is in a good technical condition but almost without finish and partly spotted. No valid proof, extremely ...

Lot 22

Rheinmetall, .32 ACP, #252026, § B

Starting price 200 EUR
Result: 200 EUR

Extremely rare German pocket pistol of the interwar period. More or less a copy of the Belgian Browning model of 1910 with flat grip angle. Our specimen has the typical slide inscription and the Rhei...

Lot 23

SACM Mod. 1935A Petter, 7.65 Long, #8990A, § B

Starting price 200 EUR
Result: 380 EUR

French ordnance pistol in good condition, good bore. about 95% of original finish, a little bit spotted. In case (on the inner side of the lid with inscription "Jäger") with extra magazine. No valid p...

Lot 24

SIG 210-2, 9 mm Luger, #P94090, § B

Starting price 450 EUR
Result: 1.100 EUR

Very good condition SIG 210-2, in original box (foam disintegrates) with manual and loading device, proof 1981. Condition 2. Designed by the Swiss Arms Company SIG in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, it was in...

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