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868 Results
Lot: 2875

trophies bundle lot

Result: 45 EUR

Various boar's teeth, 3 sets, as well as plume holder for a hunting hat,condition 3.

Lot: 2874

beech marten full mount

Result: 50 EUR

full mount of a beech marten on a root, condition 3.

Lot: 2873

bundle lot of hunting novels, natural science and arms literature

Result: 77 EUR

About 120 volumes of various hunting novels, natural science books and arms related books, condition 3.

Lot: 2872

bundle lot manuals

Result: 10 EUR

7 manuals, amongst them Steyr break action (Reprint), Ruger Old Army-Revolver, Walther PP Super, OSP/GSP and BDF Browning 125. condition 3.

Lot: 2871

bundle lot manuals

Result: 35 EUR

6 manuals, amongst them Steyr break action (Reprint), SIG Sauer P226, Colt King-Kobra Revolver. condition 3.

Lot: 2870

bundle lot manuals

Result: 11 EUR

5 manuals, amongst them Steyr break action (Reprint), Manurhin MR73-Revolver and BDF Browning 125. condition 3.

Lot: 2869

bundle lot manuals

Result: 20 EUR

manual for Colt Government Mk. IV Series 80, Steyr Scout Tactical Elite, Freedom Arms Casull-Revolver, Savage, Blaser BBF95, Walther PP/PPK, Steyr-Mannlicher Mod. M. .S. as well as Winchester Mod. 70...

Lot: 2868

coin bracelet

Result: 11 EUR

bracelet with 5 historic coins, condition III.

Lot: 2867

bundle lot hunting beakers

Starting price 40 EUR

1 pewter beaker set, 3 different sizes to stack, a set of 6 pewter shotbeakers, one green glass with Hubertus motif and Grandel as well as a flask with hunting green leather cover condition 3.

Lot: 2866

Small gallantry medal

Result: 27 EUR

bronze gallantry decoration from the Austria-Hungarian Empire, WWI, showing Emperor Franz Josef, including ribbon, condition III.

Lot: 2865

African hardwood canes and sticks - bundle lot

Starting price 25 EUR

4 handmade canes and sticks of various African hardwoods, partially carved and nail decorated, condition II.

Lot: 2864

helmet bundle lot international

Result: 101 EUR

1 US helmet 1 Austrian army helmet and 2 paratrooper helmets British 1942 and Swiss M48-62, condition III-IV.

Lot: 2863

leather items bundle lot

Result: 70 EUR

various leather items (cartridge bag, cartridge belt, sling, etc.) in a canvas rucksack, condition 3-4.

Lot: 2862

canteen bundle lot

Result: 17 EUR

3 military canteens, one with cutlery condition III-V.

Lot: 2861

helmet bundle lot Switzerland

Result: 47 EUR

two Swiss helmets condition III.

Lot: 2860

helmet bundle lot German

Result: 101 EUR

two Luftschutz- and a fire brigade helmet, condition IV.

Lot: 2859

Large Gladstone Bag, Brigg - London

Result: 50 EUR

canvas lined Gladstone Bag, including key condition III-IV.

Lot: 2858

Fürst Pless Jagdhorn

Result: 39 EUR

condition 3.

Lot: 2857

Feldflaschen bundle lot

Result: 37 EUR

5 military flasks two beakers, condition III-V.

Lot: 2856

Folding travel bag for dog

Result: 49 EUR

Transport box of blue textile with mesh windows and various zipped doors, 80 cm x 60 cm x 45 cm, condition 3

Lot: 2855


Result: 20 EUR

small tripod with leather seat, condition 2-3..

Lot: 2854

Antique Fechtmaske

Result: 20 EUR

condition IV.

Lot: 2853

soft leather leg-of-mutton case

Result: 30 EUR

for a detached gun up to 78 cm barrel length, tan, in need of cleaning, otherwise condition 3.

Lot: 2852

soft leather gunslöeeve

Result: 60 EUR

for a gun up to 114 cm total length, tan, condition 3.