23rd Silent Auction

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Lot: 3750

A.S: Douglass, 4 hand-coloured prints of English hunting scenes €€

Starting price 80 EUR

Edward Algernon S. Douglass (1850-1920), "The first flight", "A view halloo", "At high pressure" and "Killed in covert". Series of four English fox hunting scenes, framed and glazed, frames 53 x 39,5 ...

Lot: 3751

antique hand carved boot jack

Starting price 150 EUR

from conifere wood, embroidered red stag in Petit-Point style, height 100 cm.

Lot: 3752

watercolour old farmyard, unknown artist

framed, matteed and glazed, size 21 x 34 cm, signed. condition 4.

Lot: 3753

pictures bundle lot

Starting price 90 EUR

3 framed pictures, 2 with red stag (one illegibly signed 1912, both glazed and matteed) and one with black cock, signed "R. Holz 1917". condition 3-4.

Lot: 3754

prints old farmyards bundle lot

Starting price 10 EUR

2 simply framed prints, size 34 x 42 cm. condition 3.

Lot: 3755

elephants, carved African wooden statues bundle lot

4 statues, height between 8 cm and 18 cm, 2 hand carved figures of African ebony, 2 of softwood, condition 3.

Lot: 3757

hand carved wall bracket

Starting price 50 EUR

carved and painted bracket in classicistic style, height 28 cm, suited to stand one statue.

Lot: 3759

wooden statues cape buffalo, African

Starting price 20 EUR

made of Macassar ebony, height 17 cm, 28,5 cm long, right horn tip missing. hand carved statue of African hardwood, condition 3.

Lot: 3760

hunting tankards bundle lot

3 of glass, 2 with pewter lid, 2 stoneware, one with pewter lid. all with hunting motifs, condition 3.

Lot: 3761

hunting tapestry bundle lot

2 framed handmade tapestries of capercailzie and red deer as well as a machine made large tapestry with red deer motif.

Lot: 3762

hunting wall hangers bundle lot

Starting price 10 EUR

embroidered wall hanger of a roe buck, wooden board with brass plaque "Gedicht Weydmann", gundog relief of metal, condition 3.

Lot: 3763

hunting music on CDs bundle lot

Starting price 30 EUR

consisting of 7 CDs, condition 2-3.

Lot: 3764

metal statue roaring red stag after Hans Müller

spalter on wooden plinth, height 30 cm hoch, 28 cm long. Simple cast after the original by Hans Müller, Vienna. condition 3.

Lot: 3765

metal statue roaring red stag Paul Aichele - Berlin

bronze plated spalter, signed "P. Aic..e" for the German sculptor Paul Aichele (1859 - 1920), height 46 cm,36 cm long, detachable antlers, those slightly damaged on three points, covered wooden plinth...

Lot: 3766

oil painting August Endlicher, red hinds and calves

large oil painting before 1900 in gilded wooden frame, thus with slight damage, frame size 186 x 132, picture size 162 x 102. dark and drab motif, heads of red deer, signed A. Endlicher. artist: Augus...

Lot: 3767

statues African elephants bundle lot

one hand carved figure of African ebony, height 19 cm, condition 3, and one of limestone, height 19 cm, tip of the trunk damaged and other slight flaws, condition 4.

Lot: 3768

statues red stag and roe buck

red stag of cast iron, patinated, height 18 cm, 18 cm long, roe buck of cast metal, bronzed, height 16 cm, 15 cm long. condition 3.

Lot: 3769

statues red stag and roe buck bundle lot

Starting price 20 EUR

two red stag sculptures of cast metal, one as a candle holder, height 9 cm and 14 cm, and a roe buck of bronzed caast metal, height 18 cm, condition 3.

Lot: 3770

hand-painted stoneware statue of an golden eagle by Steffl Fayence, Vienna

Starting price 40 EUR

35 cm high eagle, serial numbered 1044/1, slightly cracked glazing, one small split, condition 3-4.

Lot: 3771

stoneware tankard

Starting price 10 EUR

tankard with red stag motif, condition 2.

Lot: 3772

stoneware tankards with game scenes bundle lot

6 tankards holding 0,5 litre, all with game motifs, condition 3.

Lot: 3773

Ridinger prints, bundle lot of 2 reprints

framed and glazed Ridinger prints, high-quality reprints of the series "Abbildung der jagdbaren Thiere, Fährten and Spuhren" from the middle of the 18th century, condition 2-3.

Lot: 3774

Ridinger prints, bundle lot of 3 reprints

framed and glazed Ridinger prints, high-quality reprints of the series "Abbildung der jagdbaren Thiere, Fährten and Spuhren" from the middle of the 18th century,condition 2-3.