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14 Results
Lot: 500

O/U double rifle Krieghoff - Ulm model Teck, 9,3x74R; § C accessories

Starting price 2.600 EUR

64 cm barrels, stepped engine-turned rib, folding rear sight, extractor, choked full, bright action, bold scroll engraving, Kersten crossbolt with additionally bolted lumps, cocking indicators, slidin...

Lot: 501

S/S double rifle Johann Fanzoi- Ferlach, Anson & Deeley, .470 NE, #211891, § C

Starting price 12.000 EUR

62 cm chopper lump barrels with doll's head, gold inlaid maker's name and calibre designation, quarter rib with express sights with 2 additional folding rear blades, folding night sight, ejectors, Ans...

Lot: 502

S/S double rifle Perugini & Visini - Brescia, .470 NE, #3225, § C, accessories

Starting price 16.500 EUR

61 cm chopper lump barrels, engine-turned quarter rib, express sights with 3 additional folding leaves, gold inlaid with "50, 75, 100, 125", ejectors, bright scalloped action, Anson & Deeley boxlock, ...

Lot: 503

falling block S/S double rifle Joh. Kalezky's Witwe - Vienna, 9,3x74R, #654.62, § C

Starting price 2.000 EUR

59,5 cm (shortened) barrels, later file-cut rib, express sights, (newly) colour hardened action, border engraved, double falling block action with lever beneath the trigger guard, automatic sliding ta...

Lot: 504

hammer S/S double rifle J. Woodward & Sons - London, presumably .360 Express 2¼ inch, #3558, § C

Starting price 2.500 EUR

66 cm barrels of steel, lead rifling (inscribed "Henry's Patent"), file-cut rib, express sights with 2 additional folding leaves inscribed "100, 200, 300", extractor, trim rounded action with internal...

Lot: 506

sidelock O/U combination rifle Johann Fanzoi - Ferlach, 7x75R SEvH; 5,6x50R Mag., #218259, § C

Starting price 9.900 EUR

63 cm barrels, laterally flattened top barrel, stepped engine-turned rib, gold inlaid maker's name, iron sights, extractor, bright action, full coverage engraved with bold scroll, Kersten crossbolt wi...

Lot: 507

sidelock O/U double rifle Beretta model SSO Express, .375 H&H Mag., #C10545B, § C, accessories

Starting price 14.500 EUR

62 cm monobloc barrels, stepped rib, express sights with additional folding leaf, ejectors, bright action with fine border engraving, panels in Bulino style, mane lion on the left, bear on the right, ...

Lot: 508

sidelock S/S double rifle F. W. Heym - Suhl, 10,75x70R, #4194, § C

Starting price 16.500 EUR

62 cm chopper lump barrels, engine-turned rib, front sight with folding night sight, express sights, additional folding leaf, extractor, colour hardened action, well shaped fences, Greener crossbolt w...

Lot: 509

sidelock S/S double rifle Holland & Holland - London model Royal, .300 H&H Mag., #35239, § C, accessories

Starting price 29.000 EUR

63,5 cm chopper lump barrels, file-cut quarter rib, express sights, additional folding leaf, front sight with folding hood / night sight, ejectors, hidden third grip, colour hardened action, side bols...

Lot: 7406

Selbstladebüchse Voere - Kufstein, .22 l.r., 106818, § B

Starting price 100 EUR

50 cm Lauf mit verstellbarer Visierung, Flügelsicherung, Weichholzschaft, 36 cm, Aufschubmontage mit S.G. 4x20, Abs. Fadenkreuz, BJ 1965, Zustand 3

Lot: 7408

Selbstladebüchse Voere - Kufstein, .22 l.r., #238621, § B

Starting price 20 EUR

50 cm Lauf mit verstellbarer Visierung, Flügelsicherung, vergoldeter Abzugszüngel Weichholzschaft, 36 cm, BJ 1972, Zustand 4

Lot: 7409

Selbstladebüchse Krico, .22 lr, 269711, § B

Starting price 50 EUR

57 cm Lauf, Verstellvisierung, rechtsseitige Hebelsicherung (gegenläufig), Ansteckmagazin fehlt,, 35cm Weichholzschaft mit ausgefallener Prägung, BJ 1971, Klemmontage mit Buchmaster 4x32, Zustand 4.

Lot: 7410

Selbstladebüchse Voere - Kufstein, .22 lr., #223841, § B

Starting price 50 EUR

54 cm Lauf, verstellbare Visierung, Ansteckmagazin fehlt, Flügelsicherung, Buchenholzschaft, Monte Carlo Rücken, 35,5 cm, BJ 1972, Zustand 4.

Lot: 7411

Selbstladebüchse Norinco JW-20, .22 lr., #600873, § B

Starting price 20 EUR

48 cm Lauf, Visierung entfernt, verdecktes Mündungsgewinde, Prismenschiene 11 mm, Weichholzschaft, BJ 1996, nicht zerlegbarer Nachbau der Browning SA-22, BJ und deutscher Beschuss 1991, Zustand 3-4.