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Stichbjonett Lorenz M.1854 mit Sperrringpflanzung

Starting price 180 EUR

46,5 cm lange vierrippige Stichklinge. Passend für Infanterie- und Extrakorpsgewehre System Lorenz und Wänzel. Mit Scheide (Eisenbeschläge!), Zustand III. Siehe Gabriel Kat.-Nr.B 10.

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hunting sword, Eickhorn - Solingen

Starting price 200 EUR

Blade 32 cm long, etched with game motifs and hunting scenes, the company logo on the ricasso, inscribed on the back of the blade with "W. Michovius - Cottbus" (the dealer?), hilt with guard, the stag...

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Austrian Empire, sword for men's rank cuirassiers M.1824

Starting price 240 EUR

Cavalry sword with 81 cm long, straight blade, fullered on both sides, ricasso indistinctly marked with maker "Fischer" and with "818", basket with 7 holes and 2 slots, grip covered with black leather...

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Austro-Hungary, infantry officer's sabre M.1862, commemorative

Starting price 240 EUR

Commemorative sabre with 82.5 cm long blade with short back edge, double fluted, the ricasso stamped as follows: "Weyersberg & Co. Solingen". The blade etched with floral design and trophies, inscript...

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Austro-Hungary, irregular cavalry officer's sabre M.4

Starting price 240 EUR

85 cm long single-edged blade, untypical for this pattern, with fullers on both sides, the ricasso marked "Zelinka Budapest". The blade apparently newly nickel-plated, asymmetrical, pierced, florally ...

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Austro-Hungary, cavalry officer's sabre M.1869

Starting price 240 EUR

77 cm long single-edged blade, single fluted, ricasso stamped "Solingen", polished, rusty in places, symmetrical, pierced, floral decorated basket with round bar border, grip with shark skin and twist...

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Austro-Hungary, miner's official sabre

Starting price 240 EUR

Apparently a variation of the standard pattern of the sabre for Montanist state officials: 81 cm long, double-edged blade, on the ricasso "W&ST", in the upper third with floral etching and the inscrip...

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hunting sword

Starting price 260 EUR

Blade 40.5 cm long, etched with game motifs, red tusk felt, vial, the stag horn grip covered on the reverse side with 3 acorns, leather scabbard with mouth and patch plate, carrying hook in the shape ...

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Austrian Empire, infantry officer's sabre M.1850

Starting price 260 EUR

80 cm long, relatively strongly curved single-edged blade with fullers on both sides, engraved with "P. Verseekt Solingen", the upper half blued and inlaid with floral and trophy motifs in gold, grip ...

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Stichbajonett M.1799 mit Exzenterpflanzung, 2 Stück

Starting price 300 EUR

Beide mit Scheide, Zustand III & IV. Letzteres hat nur Flugrost und kann durch behutsame Restaurierung in einen bedeutend besseren Zustand versetzt werden.

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Austro-Hungary, irregular cavalry men's rank sabre M.4

Starting price 360 EUR

Nickel-plated finish, 77 cm long blade with short back edge, double fluted (not corresponding to the 1904 pattern!), the ricasso unmarked, asymmetrical, pierced basket with round bar border, grip wood...

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hunting sword, Clemen & Jung, Solingen

Starting price 400 EUR

Blade 38 cm long, etched with game and hunting scenes, on the ricasso with company logo "Z in shield", brass hilt with quillons in the shape of hoofs of cloven-hoofed game, guard, the stag horn grip i...

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Austrian Empire, officer's sabre M.1837/38

Starting price 400 EUR

Relatively strongly curved, 82 cm long, double-edged blade, iron hilt, grip wood with leather covering, steel scabbard with sabre link of white suede with serpentine buckle (possibly a replica using o...

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Austro-Hungary, navy officer's sabre M.1850/71

Starting price 400 EUR

73 cm long stick-back blade, in the 3rd quarter etched cartouche with anchor beneath crown / double-headed eagle on both sides, nickel-plated, marked "Ludwig Zeitler Vienna VIII [.... ]", slight pitti...

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Austro-Hungary, officer's sabre of the DSG (Danube Steamship Company)

Starting price 400 EUR

Dainty 70 cm long, nickel-plated blade with fullers on both sides, unmarked, brass basket opening into a seal's head, with vine-like piercings and maritime symbols, black ebony grip wrapped in grooves...

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Austria, airmen's dagger M.35

Starting price 900 EUR

Very rare pilot's dagger of the air forces of the First Republic: 21.5 long, double-edged, medium burr blade, marked on the ricasso with "ZEITLER WIEN VII", nickel-plated cross hilt, the quillons in t...