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11 Results
Lot: 8002

Taschenmesser-Konvolut, 6 Stück

Starting price 50 EUR

2 Bundeswehr-Taschenmesser (1 stark reinigungsbedürftg), 1 Victorinox-Taschenmesser, 1 jagdliches mit Hirschhorngriff, 2 sonstige. Zustand von 2 bis 4.

Lot: 8003

Taschenmesser-Konvolut, u.a. Opinel, 4 Stück

Starting price 50 EUR

3 Opinel-Messer sowie ein Taschenmesser in Originalverpackung, alle Zustand 1.

Lot: 1924

Kingdom of Hungary, Navy dagger


Old reproduction, condition III.

auction is completed
Not sold

Lot: 807

Austro Hungary, Navy officer's sabre M.1850/71

Starting price 400 EUR

70 cm long stick-back blade, etched panel with anchor beneath crown / double-headed eagle on both sides in the 3rd quarter, nickel-plated, marked "Zeitler Wien", asymmetrical, openwork brass basket wi...

Lot: 802

Kingdom of Hungary, public official's sabre M.1890

Starting price 500 EUR

Double fullered heirloom blade, 80 cm long and 30 mm wide, blued in the first third with gold inlays with military trophies, signed "HAUSMANN k.k. Hofschwertfeger in Wien". Brass hilt gilt with lion's...

Lot: 801

Austrian Empire, sword for heavy cavaly M.1775

Starting price 800 EUR

Blade 88 cm long and 40 mm wide, signed "POTTENSTEIN", iron mount, steel scabbard with wooden lining. Condition according to age still III.

Lot: 804

Kingdom of Hungary, hussar officer's sabre M.1827

Starting price 800 EUR

Old heirloom blade, 1st half of the 18th century, single-edged, 83 cm long and 40 mm wide, engraved "FRINGIA" / sun, moon and stars. Iron hilt with spring guard. Iron scabbard, condition III.

Lot: 803

Kingdom of Hungary, hussar men's rank sabre about 1670

Starting price 1.500 EUR

85 cm long and 37 mm wide, four grooves, front with "Jellmann", iron hilt with 18 cm long, straight quillons and thumb ring. Wooden scabbard covered with leather, with simple iron mountings. Still in ...

Lot: 806

Kingdom of Hungary, hussar NCO sabre M.1769

Starting price 1.600 EUR

Blade 83 cm long and 40 mm wide, signed "POTTENSTEIN", engraved on both sides with a crowned double-headed eagle. Brass hilt with long centre iron of the quillons, broad smooth guard, new but expertly...

Lot: 805

Kingdom of Hungary, hussar officer's sabre about 1740

Starting price 1.800 EUR

Blade 85 cm long and 47 mm wide, so-called "Madonna blade", signed "POTTENSTEIN", engraved with the Madonna of the Radiant Crown "Maria mater dei patrona hungariae..."/ Hungarian patriarchal cross "In...

Lot: 800

Austrian Empire, dragoon officer's sword about 1730

Starting price 2.500 EUR

Blade 88 cm long and 37 mm wide with a cross-section in the rear quarter double, then triple fluted. Indistinct engravings, brass hilt with scallop-shaped basket and single guard, long iron middles wi...