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Lot: 312

training rifle Mauser, .22 lr, #46734, § C

Starting price 500 EUR

Mauser emblem at receiver ring, matching numbered, nice original finish, old German nitro proof, original sling. Collector's weapon. Condition II-III.

Lot: 311

training rifle, JGA Germania Waffenwerk, 4 mm RF long, #5851, § unrestricted

Starting price 500 EUR

special model "Kraft durch Freude" due to inscription on receiver bridge, on receiver ring "Eigentum des Sportamtes", matching numbered, very nice original condition,

Lot: 310

Semi auto rifle Tokarev SVT40, 7.62x54R, #1714, § B

Starting price 1.000 EUR

No export possible! Year of manufacture 1941, good original condition, magazine not matching numbered, no proof. Condition II-III.

Lot: 309

Steyr Mannlicher SSG 69 Police, .308 Win., #194173, § C

Starting price 1.400 EUR

Our example of an SSG 69 Police is mounted with an original slide mount with a Swarovski Habicht 6-24x50 (reticle Plex). Proof 1987, condition II-III.

Lot: 308

Mosin-Nagant, rifle 91/30 SSG, Izhevsk, 7.62x54R, #3076, § C

Starting price 500 EUR

Year of manufacture 1944, matching numbered, good bore, original side mount with scope PU (reticle 1, optics clear), bluing worn, German proof, original sling. Condition still III.

Lot: 307

Mauser 98, SSG 98k Austrian Army, .308 Win., #162, § C

Starting price 900 EUR

Just before the introduction of the Steyr SSG 69, this weapon was introduced as a stop-gap and to create a sniper system in the Austrian Army. The weapons were modified in Ferlach as follows: 60 cm lo...

Lot: 306

Mauser 98, model 1935 Brazil, Mauser Oberndorf, 7x57, #4631, § C

Starting price 360 EUR

Rifle for Brazil from the interwar period, when Mauser was allowed to export again. Relatively rare model with national coat of arms of Brazil on the receiver ring and Mauser emblem on the bridge. mat...

Lot: 305

Mauser 98, K98k SSG, Mauserwerke, 8x57JS, #V6445, § C

Starting price 700 EUR

Expertly reworked K98k (coded "42 1942") with modern EAW side mount and Kahles Helia 6x49 (reticle 7A, optics clear) scope converted to sniper version. matching numbered (made?, exept stockplate), ver...

Lot: 304

Mannlicher Schoenauer, carbine 03/14 Greece, OEWG Steyr, 6.5x54MS, #9265B, § C

Starting price 700 EUR

The Mannlicher Schoenauer rifle system was introduced in Greece in 1903 and this circumstance paved the way for the weapon's success as Austrian hunting rifle. This military carbine is extremely rare,...

Lot: 303

Semi auto rifle Johnson M1941, .30-06 Sprg., #3998, § B

Starting price 2.000 EUR

No export possible! Rare US semi auto rifle, rival to the US M1 Garand rifle, fine original condition, Italian proof, with original sling, condition II.

Lot: 302

Semi auto rifle "Gewehr 43" with scope, Walther Zella-Mehlis, 8x57JS, #7763, § B

Starting price 4.500 EUR

Marked "G43 ac", bolt not matching numbered, this one with acceptance "eagle above 359", bore rough, rough, hardly finished metal surface of case and bolt, as it was common in 1944/45, spotted, lamina...

Lot: 301

Semi auto rifle "Gewehr 41" (W), Berlin-Luebecker Maschinenfabrik, 8x57JS, #8187d, § B

Starting price 5.000 EUR

No export possible! Coded "duv 43", matching numbered as far as visible, laminated stock with deep buttplate, Bakelite handguard, metal parts in fine original condition, no proof, with original sling,...

Lot: 300

Semi auto rifle "Automatgevär m/42", Carl Gustafs Stads, 6.5x55, #15746B, § B

Starting price 2.000 EUR

No export possible! Swedish semi auto rifle system Eklund/Ljungman, year of manufacture 1943, good original condition, no proof, condition II-III.