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25. Klassiche Auktion

Completed | Physical auction

106 Results

Lot 5

Visit of the English gunmaker Longthorne

Starting price 50 EUR
Result: 500 EUR

The best and most contemporary materials combined with most traditional English artisan skills. Who ever wanted to cast an eye on the production of a high grade English shotgun will definitely be plea...

Lot 17

Wlidfowling in Somerset, England for ducks and geese for one gun

Starting price 50 EUR
Result: 200 EUR

A full day’s wildfowling on the Somerset Levels in December / January 2018/19 for one hunter as a guest of Bridgewater Bay Wildfowlers’ Association and guided by BASC regional officer James Green. Ac...

Lot 1202

Leather cartridge bag

Starting price 50 EUR
Result: 200 EUR

This speed loader cartridge bag manufactured by Longthorne holds 75 12 bore cartridges, the strap is made from cotton canvas and very comfortable, donated by the maker the proceeds will go to FACE.

Lot 3

Hawking in Ireland for snipes

Starting price 100 EUR
Result: 200 EUR

Donated by the Irish Hawking Club ( For five days you will chase woodcock using the fastes moving creature on earth, the peregrin falcon. Helped by dogs and experience...

Lot 1102

binoculars Swarovski CL Companion 10x30B, für FACE

Starting price 100 EUR
Result: 700 EUR

Recognise the deciding features with the new CL Companion 10x30. Its improved optics with 10 times magnification brings you even nearer to nature. this compact binoculars weighing in at only 500 g con...

Lot 2

Roe buck stalk in Styria

Starting price 200 EUR
Result: 1.000 EUR

The chairman of the Federal Hunting Association of Styria, Franz Mayr-Melnhof-Saurau, donates this trip to his private estate. The largest private forest estate in Austria stretches over 32.400 ha. S...

Lot 4

Roe buck stalking in Fichtel mountains, Bavaria

Starting price 200 EUR
Result: 750 EUR

Donated by the research and schooling estate of the Federal Hunting association of Bavaria. Near Wunsiedel, in the heart of the Fichtel mountains lies the estate of 1.000 ha. leveling between 550 and ...

Lot 1401

Skulptur "The Queen of the Forest" (wood cock, Scolopax rusticola) by Stephen Fenech - Malta

Starting price 200 EUR
Result: 320 EUR

Elaborately shaped sculpture, a little bit smaller than life, created in more than 250 hours of work from various materials (burnt and unburnt clay, plaster of Paris, resin) and intrinsically painted ...

Lot 103

Glock 43, 9 mm Luger, BDZK189, § B, Zub.

Starting price 240 EUR
Result: 400 EUR

Brand new model from Glock - in a factory condition. With original box, extra magazine and manuals. Proof 2017, condition 1.

Lot 6

Driven Roe deer and wild boar in the Black Forest for two Guns

Starting price 250 EUR
Result: 500 EUR

The Schwarzwald (Black Forest), covering an area of more than 6.000 km², is one of the most attractive landscapes for hunting in Germany. The dense forests are ideal for a good population of wild boa...

Lot 1400

Limited edition print of pencil drawing "Red Stag" (Cervus elaphus) by Sarra Saffron - UK

Starting price 250 EUR
Result: 300 EUR

Lifesize drawing in detailed, elaborate pencil technique, signed and numbered giclee print on archive quality paper. The artist from North Yorkshire is specialised in depicting animals and nature, the...

Lot 106

Parabellum, P08, DWM, 9 mm Luger, #2823, § B Zub

Starting price 280 EUR
Result: 1.100 EUR

Manufactured in 1918, all numbers matching exclusive the milled fxo-magazine. This DWM-Luger was reworked - obviously for the German Police - in the mid-1930s by Mauser, the barrel was replaced. The c...

Lot 107

Glock 31gen3, .357 SIG, #UDP974, § B Zub

Starting price 280 EUR
Result: 320 EUR

Mint condition gun in ist original case with manual and Glock-holster. Proof 2012, condition 2.

Lot 300

JGA Anschütz Wehrsportkarabiner, 4 mm long, #11380, § frei ab 18

Starting price 280 EUR
Result: 600 EUR

Very good original condition, fair bore, all numbers matching. A rare item in the "Zimmerstutzen"-caliber. Cleaning rod is missing, condition II.

Lot 1

Chamois stalk in the Tyrol mountains

Starting price 300 EUR
Result: 700 EUR

Between the Kitzbühl and Zillertal Alps you can find Gerlos, a village rising in recognition in the Imperial times for its mining and dealing of gold, and from where you can explore the sheer beauty o...

Lot 12

Pirschjagd auf Gams Klasse III im Norden Tirols für einen Schützen

Starting price 300 EUR
Result: 750 EUR

We are very pleased that the president of FACE, Dr Michl Ebner, donates this trip to his private estate Stams monastery in the North of Tyrol. Near the Cistercian Abbey of Stams, Tyrol reveals itself ...

Lot 1201

Leather motor case for a pair of shotguns

Starting price 300 EUR
Result: 650 EUR

Compact case of tan leather lined with green baize, for two detached guns with up to 72 cm barrel length, straps, combination lock, condition 2-3.

Lot 1203

Cartridge magazine leather by Joh. Springer's Erben - Vienna

Starting price 300 EUR
Result: 450 EUR

Cartridge magazine of dark tan hide for 300 cartridges of 12 bore, the original compartment has been removed, with carrying strap and lock, key missing, interior of lid embossed with the maker's emble...

Lot 105

Glock 26gen3, 9 mm Luger, #FGU979, § B Zub

Starting price 320 EUR
Result: 320 EUR

Proof 2003, in original case with extra magazine, manual and loading device. Condition 1.

Lot 102

Walther P99, 9 mm Luger, #FAD9267, § B Zub.

Starting price 340 EUR
Result: 340 EUR

In original cae with all accessories and Laser by Laser Devices (in working order). Comes with two holsters (Sickinger and original Walther). Well used, proof 2005, condition 3-4.

Lot 104

Colt Government Mark IV Series 70, Gold Cup National Match, .45 ACP, #70N66648, § B, Zub.

Starting price 340 EUR
Result: 1.000 EUR

Mint condition gun without European proof (privately imported from teh USA). In original box with manual and accessories: recoil absorber in original wrapping, condition 1-2.

Lot 100

FN Browning HIgh Power model Captain with shoulder stock, 9 mm Luger, #T365002, § B

Starting price 380 EUR
Result: 1.200 EUR

The classical model M35 with tangent rear sight until 500 meters and notch for the shoulder stock. Post war manufactue, valid Belgian proof. Comes with the original shoulder stock with leathe rholster...

Lot 10

Jagd auf Elchbulle in Estland für einen Schützen

Starting price 400 EUR
Result: 1.300 EUR

The moose hunt in Estionia has a long tradition, and we are glad to be able to offer you the oppertunity to hunt this majestic animal in Western Estonia. It regards a classic guided stalk, close the s...

Lot 1200

guncase Holland & Holland - London

Starting price 400 EUR
Result: 400 EUR

Leather case with brass corners for a detached shotgun up to 78 cm barrel length, straps missing, handle torn (included), with claning rod, oil bottle and brushes, with a trade label by Holland & Holl...

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