26th Classic Jubilee Auction


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13 Results
Lot: 100

IMI Desert Eagle, .357 Mag., #59719, § B acc.

Result: 950 EUR

In original box with all acc.essories including manual, Belgian proofed, condition 3.

Lot: 101

Glock 17gen3, 9 mm Luger, #CVZ799, § B (W1244-16) acc.

Result: 360 EUR

originally cased with manual and cleaning kit, proof 1998, condition 2.

Lot: 102

SIG-Sauer P226 S X-Six, 9 mm Luger, #U823963, § B acc.

Result: 1.600 EUR

modern service pistol in mint condition, matte nickel plated, in original box with spare magazine and manual, German proofed, condition 2.

Lot: 103

Colt Government Mk. IV Series 70 National Match Gold Cup, .45 ACP, #70N70015, § B acc.

Result: 650 EUR

Legendary version of an American classic pistol, very good condition, very good preserved, proofed 1979, with manual, condition 2-3.

Lot: 104

FN Browning Hi-Power M35, 9 mm Luger, #T247293, § B acc.

Result: 360 EUR

post-war model with spurred hammer and external extractor, in original box with spare magazine, Belgian proofed, condition 2-3.

Lot: 105

Heckler & Koch P7 M13, 9 mm Luger, #78283, § B acc.

Result: 800 EUR

proofed 1987, in original box with spare magazine and manual as well as sighting-in target, condition 3.

Lot: 106

SIG 210, 9 mm Luger, #P93628, § B acc.

Result: 1.400 EUR

Combat modification of the Viennese gunmaker H. Seidler with modified safety lever and magazine latch for quick magazine change, spare magazine, magazine with rubber floorplate, proofed 1981, two hols...

Lot: 107

Colt 1911-Typ, Custom by German Waffenschmiede Kühn, .45 ACP #PK0905, with exchangeable barrel set, § B acc.

Result: 1.500 EUR

barrel length 6", matte nickel plated frame, modified controls, adjustable sights, wooden grips with thumb rest, proofed 2005. 3 spare magazines, a belt and a holster, with an individually made carbin...

Lot: 108

Parabellum, miniature "Lange Pistole 08" (artillery model), 4 mm, #003, § unrestricted, acc.

Result: 650 EUR

This miniature gun is a model of the Germann "langen Pistole 08" in 1:2 scale, The fully functional but not life firing model is a true to detail replica of an artillery service pistol 08 as produced ...

Lot: 109

Smith & Wesson model SW1911, .45 ACP; #JRK0147, § B, acc.

Result: 650 EUR

Pistol type Colt 1911 Government, made by S&W. matte nickel plated, skeletonised hammer and trigger, in original box with all acc.essories, e.g. 3 spare magazines. In need of a clean, condition 3.

Lot: 110

SIG 210 Luxury model, 7,65 mm Parabellum, #P70124, § B

Result: 3.000 EUR

slide and frame barrel scroll engraved, slide gold inlaid with rscroll, carved walnut grips. Swiss coat of arms gold inlaid before the rear sight, exclusive, individually made luxury model without pro...

Lot: 111

Beretta model 92 FS Stainless Steel, 9 mm Luger, #L60045Z, § B

Result: 700 EUR

proofed 1994, in original box with spare magazine, including 50 rounds of Geco 8 g / 124 gr VM bullet, and loading device by Safariland, condition 2.

Lot: 112

Parabellum pistol model 08 Mauser, 9mm Luger, #11.015422 § B, acc.

Result: 900 EUR

in the 1970ies Mauser re-launched a new series of Parabellum pistols, produced with machinery acquired from the Bern arsenal, and based on historic models, in this case a German pistol type 08.100 mm ...