28th Silent Auction


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14 Results
Lot: 3500

Blowpipe, Amazonas region

Result: 200 EUR

200 cm blowpipe of wood, bound with brown strands, somewhat bent, condition III.

Lot: 3501

Patent air pistol, USA (?), 6 mm, § unrestricted

Result: 220 EUR

full metal air pistol with turnbolt action. After loading the chamber the lanyard ring has to be pulled until action cocks. This generates pressure for one shot. interesting and unusual design. Patent...

Lot: 3502

Percussion S/S shotgun Rainer in Gratz (sic!), 16 bore, #without, § unrestricted

Result: 950 EUR

75 cm barrels of twist Damascus, back action locks engraved with rocailles, left hammer replaced and not engraved, silver inlaid maker's name, finely grained walnut stock with carved wooden finger res...

Lot: 3503

Percussion shotgun German, 28 bore, #without, § unrestricted

Result: 211 EUR

68 cm round smooth barrel, bright brushed, bar action lock, inscribed "1865" (illegible), dolphin shaped hammer, walnut half stock with straight hand with chequering, forged trigger guard, steel furni...

Lot: 3504

Percussion musket 28 bore, #without, § unrestricted

Starting price 400 EUR

musket adapted from flintlock to percussion, stepped barrel changing from octagonal to round, carved walnut half stock with brass furniture, replaced ramrod, barrel and lock with old pitting, conditio...

Lot: 3505

Percussion musket type Bavarian Infantriegewehr M 1826/39, calibre 18mm, #212, § unrestricted

Result: 400 EUR

110 cm smooth barrel, stepped barrel changing from octagonal to round, rear sight integrated in the tang, bright brushed and chemically de-rusted (numerous pitting on all parts), breech end with maker...

Lot: 3506

Percussion pistol, signed "London", 13,5 mm, #without, § unrestricted

Result: 121 EUR

15 cm smooth, round and octagonal barrel of brass, also the furniture, lock obviously from a different arm, ramrod of iron. Brass pommel on the grip an animal's head, trigger guard engraved. condition...

Lot: 3507

Percussion pistol, presumably Belgian, 12 mm, #without, § unrestricted

Result: 111 EUR

20.5 cm rifled octagonal barrel, lockplate slightly engraved, iron furniture, condition III.

Lot: 3508

Percussion target rifle unknown maker, 12 mm, #without, § unrestricted, accessories

Starting price 1.400 EUR

80 cm heavy octagonal barrel, browned and chequered, tapered muzzle with deep rifling, adjustable sights with brass cover, additional aperture sight on tang, browned percussion lock with counter direc...

Lot: 3509

Percussion pocket pistol, 11 mm, Belgian, § unrestricted

Result: 60 EUR

Ca 1880, detachable, 6 cm round barrel, boxlock with blue tempered hammer, total length 15 cm. bright finish, condition III.

Lot: 3510

Percussion pocket pistol, 13,2 mm, Belgian, § unrestricted

Result: 81 EUR

Ca 1850, detachable, 85 mm round barrel, boxlock and trigger guard with floral engraving, total length 18,5 cm. Spotted and slightly pitted, condition IV.

Lot: 3511

Percussion pocket pistol, Bacon - Norwich, 8,5 mm, § unrestricted

Result: 165 EUR

Ca 1850, detachable, 80 mm round, on the breech octagonal barrel, boxlock and grip with floral engraving, top hammer with double action, total length 17 cm. Spotted and slightly pitted, condition IV.

Lot: 3512

Prussian cavalry pistol M1850, Suhl, 15 mm, #59, § unrestricted

Result: 250 EUR

year of manufacture 1872, acceptance mark "FW beneath crown", lockplate "Suhl GH beneath crown", brass furniture, walnut stock, light pitting, worse near the muzzle, condition IV.

Lot: 3513

flintlock rifle Afghanistan model Jezail, 15 mm, #1782, § unrestricted

Result: 180 EUR

119 cm barrel, heavily swamped muzzle, deep rifling, on muzzle, breech end and near rear sight with gold washed ornaments, 4 brass barrel bands with engraved decoration, flintlock of a British Land Pa...