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28th Silent Auction

Completed | Physical auction

893 Results

Lot 4571

Mauser 98, .375 H&H Mag., #1013755, § C

Starting price 3.500 EUR
Result: 4.440 EUR

58 cm barrel, Express sights and sling swivels on barrel bands, finely adjusted direct trigger, Brno ZG 47 lateral striker safety, hinged magazine floorplate, Renaissance style engraved with foliage s...

Lot 5035

break action rifle K. Hauptmann - Ferlach, 7x65R, #231542, § C

Starting price 1.800 EUR
Result: 1.960 EUR

65 cm partially octagonal barrel, from the fore end round, engine turned rib, folding rear sight, bright action with sideplates, full coverage engraved with bold scroll, Kersten crossbolt with additio...

Lot 4012

Steyr-Mannlicher SSG 69 Police, .308 Win., #189205, § C

Starting price 1.200 EUR
Result: 1.801 EUR

double set trigger, mounted bipod Harris 1A2 Ultralight, original Steyr rail mounted Leupold Vari X-III 6,5-20x, reticule crosshairs, with lens covers, proof 1986, condition 1-2.

Lot 5032

break action rifle Ferlach, left handed stock, 7x65R, #832, § C

Starting price 1.400 EUR
Result: 1.556 EUR

64,5 cm partially octagonal barrel, stepped engine turned rib, open sights, extractor, bright action with sideplates, bold scroll engraved, trigger plate lock, Kersten crossbolt with additionally bolt...

Lot 2057

Mauser C 96/12, 7,63 Mauser, with shoulder stock, #389228, § B

Starting price 1.000 EUR
Result: 1.555 EUR

matching numbered "Pre-war Commercial" C96 with new safety on original condition, German (valid) proof "crown above U", not matching numbered, varnished walnut shoulder stock without crack, metal part...

Lot 7523

scope Swarovski Z6i Gen.2 5-30x50 P HD

Starting price 800 EUR
Result: 1.525 EUR

illuminated reticule, in Blaser saddle mounts, 30 mm rings, condition 2.

Lot 4535

Mannlicher Schoenauer model GK, 9,3x62, #56956, § C

Starting price 900 EUR
Result: 1.357 EUR

60 cm Antinit barrel, open sights with additional folding leaf, two stage trigger, bent bolt handle, flag type and sliding tang safety, straight grained walnut stock, black tip, Prince-of-Wales grip, ...

Lot 4623

Steyr Mannlicher model Classic, 7 mm WSM, #1053121, § C

Starting price 1.300 EUR
Result: 1.322 EUR

60 cm barrel, open sights, high gloss blued barrel and receiver, detachable magazine, single set trigger, rotating tang safety, grained walnut stock, Bavarian cheekpiece, hog's back comb, rubber recoi...

Lot 4524

Krico model 600 Jagdmatch, .308 Win., #137608, § C accessories

Starting price 900 EUR
Result: 1.257 EUR

57 cm heavy barrel, detachable flash reducer, without sights, bolt handle with synthetic ball, sliding safety on the right, finely adjusted direct trigger with trigger shoe, detachable magazine for 3 ...

Lot 5518

hammer-O/U combination gun Ferlach, 6,5x70R; 16/65, #1025.34, § C, accessories

Starting price 500 EUR
Result: 1.200 EUR

68 cm barrels, doll's head, stepped engine turned rib, folding rear sight, extractor, choked full, rounded action, full coverage engraved with oakleaf surrounded game scenes, rebounding back action ha...

Lot 4582

Mauser model 83 Sport, .308 Win., #01173, § C accessories

Starting price 1.000 EUR
Result: 1.150 EUR

65 cm heavy cannelured barrel, without sights, bolt handle with large synthetic knob, lever safety on the right of bolt shroud, finely adjusted direct trigger, detachable magazine for 8 rounds, walnut...

Lot 2053

Lahti L-35, manufacture Valmet, 9 mm Luger, #880001, § B

Starting price 500 EUR
Result: 1.150 EUR

Finnish army pistol with interesting action type (with flip lever). On top of the slide stamped "VALMET L-35", only 9.000 units were produced in Finland, whereas the Swedish version M40 is much more c...

Lot 4593

Sako model A7 Roughtech Pro, .300 Win. Mag., #M11608, § C

Starting price 1.000 EUR
Result: 1.110 EUR

65,5cm heavy cannelured barrel, covered threaded muzzle M18x1, without sights, direct trigger, lever safety on the right, detachable magazine, green marbled synthetic stock, rubber recoil pad 35,5 cm,...

Lot 7526

scope Zeiss Victory FL Diavari 6-24x56 T* FL

Starting price 600 EUR
Result: 1.101 EUR

illuminated reticule, due to marks of mounts condition 3.

Lot 6033

S/S shotgun AyA No.4, .410/76, #540257, § D

Starting price 1.000 EUR
Result: 1.100 EUR

69 cm chopper lump barrels, concave rib, choked 3/4 & full, extractor, colour hardened action, Anson & Deeley boxlock, border engraved, automatic sliding tang safety, gold inlaid "S", double triggers,...

Lot 4621

Schultz & Larsen model M97-DL, .243 Win. #52516, § C

Starting price 1.000 EUR
Result: 1.100 EUR

56 cm octagonal barrel, without sights, three position safety lever on the right, finely adjustable direct trigger, detachable magazine, 3 lug bolt, walnut stock, rosewood tip, Monte Carlo comb and ch...

Lot 5026

falling block rifle Franz Denk - Vienna, 6,5x57R, #1919.63, § C

Starting price 600 EUR
Result: 1.100 EUR

59 cm octagonal barrel, file-cut rib, open sights, bright rounded action engraved with dealer's name in banners, vertical block action with opening lever beneath the trigger guard, double set trigger,...

Lot 4660

Winchester model 70, .270 Win., #252500, § C

Starting price 600 EUR
Result: 1.070 EUR

61 cm barrel, adjustable folding rear sight, lateral three position safety, long extractor, single set trigger, hinged magazine floorplate with release on trigger guard, straight grained walnut stock,...

Lot 4611

Sauer model 202, 6,5x68, #N01199, § C

Starting price 900 EUR
Result: 1.050 EUR

65 cm barrel, open sights, blued steel receiver, detachable magazine, single set trigger, push-button safety on tang and trigger guard, walnut stock, Monte Carlo cheekpiece and comb, Wundhammer grip w...

Lot 4566

Mauser 98 Voere - Kufstein, .458 Win. Mag., #P-93648 & 264955, § C

Starting price 600 EUR
Result: 1.000 EUR

66 cm heavy barrel, open sights with additional folding leaf (50 & 100m), finely adjusted direct trigger, chequered bolt handle, receiver without thumbhole cut-out and flat bolt shroud type FN, slidin...

Lot 4654

lever action rifle Winchester model 94AE, .44 Rem. Mag., #6366182, § C

Starting price 300 EUR
Result: 1.000 EUR

40 cm barrel, adjustable sights, blued receiver, saddle ring, push-button safety, walnut stock, 33,5 cm, year of manufacture not visible, modern Belgian proof, condition 3.

Lot 3502

Percussion S/S shotgun Rainer in Gratz (sic!), 16 bore, #without, § unrestricted

Starting price 900 EUR
Result: 950 EUR

75 cm barrels of twist Damascus, back action locks engraved with rocailles, left hammer replaced and not engraved, silver inlaid maker's name, finely grained walnut stock with carved wooden finger res...

Lot 7520

scope Nightforce NX8, 1-8x24 Fl

Starting price 800 EUR
Result: 932 EUR

With manual and tool in not original Box, special reticule, ZeroStop, condition 1-2.

Lot 6008

O/U shotgun Browning model Cynergy, 20/76, #20993MR132, § D, accessories

Starting price 900 EUR
Result: 900 EUR

71 cm barrels, ventilated rib and jointing ribs, signal sight, auxiliary bead, Invector Plus exchangeable chokes, ejectors, bright action with machined engraving, side bolted action without hinge pin,...

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