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pos.no.: 7025

Hunting dagger City of Vienna, Zeitler - Vienna

Result: 722 EUR

Hunting dagger around 1890, 27,5 cm broad single edged nickel plated blade, signed "L.ZEITLER Vienna VIII". On the obverse of the blade Zeitler marks (crossed sabres and miner's hammers), on the sword...

pos.no.: 7047

German Empire, Infantry officer's sword (IOD) 89, Wuerttemberg, Weyersberg & Co Solingen

Result: 300 EUR

nickel plated, double fullered 84 cm blade, maker's emblem with "W.K.& C.", spotty. simply made hilt of blackened brass, brass wire binding complete, with finger loop, well preserved steel sheath with...

pos.no.: 7009

Bowie knife Oliver F. Winchester

Result: 220 EUR

16 cm blade, Leather sheath, both with Signature of Oliver F. Winchester, condition 1.

pos.no.: 7012

German Empire, Navy officer's sabre (replica)

Result: 213 EUR

well made replica, 77,5 cm blade, brass hilt, decorated with anchor and hinged as the counterplate, with the latter it can be fixed to its scabbard, Nr. O 336 on arm and leather scabbard. condition 2.

pos.no.: 7041

Austria Hungary, cavalry officer's sabre M.4, Zeitler - Vienna

Result: 212 EUR

77 cm blade with Zeitler marks on the ricasso, hilt and sheath slightly rusty, with FJI officer's sword knot, condition III.

pos.no.: 7013

German Empire, army officer's sabre - Höller Solingen

Result: 200 EUR

With sheath and sword knot, condition III.

pos.no.: 7007

Two handed sword (replica)

Result: 185 EUR

replica of a late medieval double handed sword, 95 cm blade, total length 132 cm, condition 2.

pos.no.: 7008

Two handed sword Claymore (replica)

Result: 185 EUR

replica of a late medieval double handed sword, in style of a Scottish Claymore, 104 cm blade, total length 142 cm, condition 2

pos.no.: 7061

Pocket (folding) knife Mcusta ***

Result: 170 EUR

No buyer's premium will be applied, only 20% VAT will be added to the hammer price! Exclusive brand new folding single-handed knife with Damascus blade, selling price Euro 359,--. condition 1.

pos.no.: 7023

Pioneer sword model 1909, Argentina

Result: 162 EUR

Manufacture Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co., Solingen. with sheath and frog, condition III.

pos.no.: 7001

bayonet Schmidt-Rubin M1914, Hans Steimer, Wasen

Result: 153 EUR

On ricasso "HS", long pioneer bayonet with saw back, with steel sheath and frog, this signed "E. JENNI SATTLER LYSS", condition II-III.

pos.no.: 7014

Daggers, historic (replicas), bundle lot of 4 items

Result: 150 EUR

i.a. leader dagger MVSN, German navy dagger, DRK dagger, all with sheath, one with frog, this missing a symbol. condition 2.

pos.no.: 7042

Dress hunting dagger

Result: 150 EUR

wedge-shaped blade 22 cm, staghorn handle, secondary knife in sheath. condition IV.

pos.no.: 7048

Sword (replica)

Result: 141 EUR

99 cm flamed blade, with sheath. condition 2.

pos.no.: 7059

Sword of the Academic Legion (replica)

Result: 126 EUR

After the Original from Vienna 1848, without sheath. condition 3.

pos.no.: 7006

bayonet bundle lot Mannlicher M.95, 3 items

Result: 116 EUR

2 men's (rank) bayonets with sheath, condition IV and a nickel plated NCO bayonet without sheath, condition V.

pos.no.: 7017

Dagger bundle lot (replicas) - 4 items

Result: 96 EUR

1 chain dagger, 1 navy dagger, 1 Luftwaffe dagger, 1 DRK dagger (sheath not fitting), condition 2-3.

pos.no.: 7040

Austria Hungary, men's sabre M1861

Result: 93 EUR

Originality of the scabbard doubtful, condition III.

pos.no.: 7053

Sabre US Marine Corps

Result: 83 EUR

76,5 cm blade, inscribed "United States Marines", handle of imitated ivory, with sheath, condition 1. in a blue sleeve

pos.no.: 7002

bayonet, Seitengewehr 84/98

Result: 80 EUR

coded "cqh", blade sharpened, with sheath and not original frog, condition IV.

pos.no.: 7015

Daggers, historic (replicas), bundle lot of 4 items

Result: 80 EUR

All with sheath, two with frog, condition 2.

pos.no.: 7049

Russian Dragoon Shashka (replica)

Result: 80 EUR

76 cm blade, brass hilt with wooden handle, scabbard with brass furniture, condition 2.

pos.no.: 7050

Russian Dragoon Shashka (replica)

Result: 80 EUR

76 cm blade, brass hilt with wooden handle, scabbard with brass furniture, condition 2.

pos.no.: 7051

Cadet sabre, Columbia

Result: 80 EUR

Sabre with sheath in the style of a German WWII officer's sabre, etched blade "Ejercito de Colombia" (army of Columbia), condition 3.