28th Silent Auction


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38 Results
Lot: 7523

scope Swarovski Z6i Gen.2 5-30x50 P HD

Result: 1.525 EUR

illuminated reticule, in Blaser saddle mounts, 30 mm rings, condition 2.

Lot: 7526

scope Zeiss Victory FL Diavari 6-24x56 T* FL

Result: 1.101 EUR

illuminated reticule, due to marks of mounts condition 3.

Lot: 7520

scope Nightforce NX8, 1-8x24 Fl

Result: 932 EUR

With manual and tool in not original Box, special reticule, ZeroStop, condition 1-2.

Lot: 7506

Optics bundle lot 2 items

Result: 430 EUR

1x Carl Zeiss Jena scope, 1x Jägermeister 3-9x42 scope

Lot: 7502

Laser white light torch by Insight, e.g. for SIG-SAUER P226

Result: 350 EUR

In original box with all accessories, fits all arms with Picatinny rail, condition 2.

Lot: 7509

spotting scope Optolyth 22-60x70

Result: 300 EUR

green rubber coated with 2 different threads for tripods

Lot: 7524

scope Zeiss Diatal C 10x36

Result: 300 EUR

reticule Plex, in original box with manual. condition 1.

Lot: 7519

scope Kahles Helia Super 39S2, 3-9x

Result: 251 EUR

reticule 7, Optics slightly tinted, with 11 mm dovetail mounts. condition except lenses 2.

Lot: 7503

Night Vision gadget

Result: 210 EUR

With mounts for Picatinny rail, function not tested, condition externally 3.

Lot: 7527

scope Zeiss Zielvier in lateral rail mounts for Mauser

Result: 205 EUR

reticule 4, due to rust condition 4.

Lot: 7525

scope Zeiss Diatal-D 4x32

Result: 140 EUR

Aluminium tube with rail and uppers of an ERA pivot mount, reticule 4, lenses clear, condition 3.

Lot: 7504

Night Vision gadget Baigish-6U

Result: 121 EUR

With case, function not tested, condition 3.

Lot: 7505

Night Vision gadget Xenon 2/120

Result: 120 EUR

With case, function not tested, condition 3.

Lot: 7540

scope- bundle lot, 4 items

Result: 91 EUR

2 scope Tasco 6 x 40 reticule Plex, 1 scope SACO 3-9x40 reticule 1 with 3-claw mounts on rail, 1 scope Lago 1-4x24 with EAW pivot mount uppers, reticule crosshairs illuminated, all lenses clear, illum...

Lot: 7530

scope- bundle lot, 2 items

Result: 87 EUR

1 Bushnell Banner 3-9x40 reticule Plex, 1 Nikko Stirling Gold Crown DELUXE 6x40, reticule 1 with rail mount for 11 mm rail, lenses clear, boxed, condition 3.

Lot: 7531

scope- bundle lot, 3 items

Result: 85 EUR

1 scope each Hensoldt-Wetzlar Dural-Dialytan 4x32 and Geco 6x42/49, both aluminium tubes with rail, screwed support German claw mount uppers, elevation adjustment only, lenses a little dull, and a Nic...

Lot: 7521

scope Pecar - Berlin 2 3/4x64 (nominal, lens diameter 20 mm)

Result: 77 EUR

22 mm tube diameter, classic smallbore - scope with Steel tube, elevation and windage adjustment, made in Germany, original leather covers, condition 3.

Lot: 7536

scope- bundle lot, 3 items accessories

Result: 73 EUR

1 scope each Luger 3-9x40 with rail mount, reticule Plex; 1 scope Tasco 3-9x40 with glued German claw mount uppers, reticule 1 illuminated; 1 scope Walther 3-9x40, reticule Plex illuminated. All lense...

Lot: 7510

spotting scope Supra 15-60x

Result: 70 EUR

In leather case with strap, lenses clear, condition 3

Lot: 7500

binoculars Carl Zeiss Jena Binoctar 7 x 50

Result: 66 EUR

single lens focus, lenses clear, strap. condition 2-3

Lot: 7537

scope- bundle lot, 4 items

Result: 61 EUR

4 German aluminium scopes with rail: Geco 6x42/49, reticule1, lenses tinted, Jena 6x42, lenses dull, reticule damaged. Nickel-Marburg 4-10x reticule 1 lenses dull. Geller Uhlenflucht 4x32, reticule 1,...

Lot: 7518

scope-mounts bundle lot, 27 items

Result: 60 EUR

12 items Hillver mount rings, 14 items Tasco mount rings, 1 items Tasco bases

Lot: 7528

scope- bundle lot Diatal 4x32, 3 items

Result: 60 EUR

Aluminium tubes with rail: 1 x Zeiss, 2 x Hensoldt (these only with elevation adjustment and screwed on German claw mount uppers). All reticule 1, lenses all right. condition 3.

Lot: 7529

scope- bundle lot Nikko Stirling, 3 items

Result: 60 EUR

One scope each 6x40 (reticule 4A), 4x32 and 6x32 Gold Crown de Luxe (the latter with slightly tinted lenses, both reticule 1). All with rail mounts, condition 3.