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60 Результаты
Pos.Nr.: 3117

Austrian bayonet M1844 Laukart system

Результаты: 151 EUR

Bayonet Laukart system, inventory mark "33 C 20.15.", pitted but cleaned, without scabbard. Condition IV.

Pos.Nr.: 3118

Austrian bayonet M1854 Lorenz system

Результаты: 261 EUR

Stabbing bayonet, inventory mark "11 57.3/90". Also fitting to Waenzel rifles. Condition III-IV.

Pos.Nr.: 3119

Austrian bayonet M1854 Lorenz system

Результаты: 167 EUR

Stabbing bayonet, pitted, signed with star and "T", the leather covered wooden scabbard in good condition. Also fitting for Waenzel rifles, condition III-IV.

Pos.Nr.: 3120

Bayonet M88 Mannlicher, OEWG Steyr

Результаты: 75 EUR

Austrian bayonet with scabbard and black belt frog of black patent leather, condition III.

Pos.Nr.: 3121

Bayonet M95 Mannlicher, OEWG Steyr

Результаты: 71 EUR

Austrian nickel-plated bayonet with scabbard and belt frog, blade with small notch, condition IV.

Pos.Nr.: 3122

Bayonet Manlicher M95, officer's version

Результаты: 141 EUR

Austrian nickel plated bayonet with scabbard, belt frog and officer's sword knot of the interwar period. Condition III.

Pos.Nr.: 3123

Bayonet Mannlicher M95

Результаты: 138 EUR

Austrian bayonet with scabbard, belt frog and a cadet officer's sword knot of WWI (Emporer Karl/Charles I.). The cabbard is relacquered, on the front grip panel there is an emblem with "K", obvously a...

Pos.Nr.: 3124

Bayonet USA M1873

Результаты: 50 EUR

US-bayonet for Trapdoor-rifle M1873 with scabbard. Condition IV.

Pos.Nr.: 3125

Bayonet Werndl system M1881 and wire cutter

Результаты: 671 EUR

Extremely rare combination of a Werndl yatagan and a wire cutter for the Austrian corps of engineers. Bayonet blade and scabbard signed with "OEWG" (arms plant Steyr), Imperial double eagle as accepta...

Pos.Nr.: 3126

Bayonet, Ausgehseitengewehr, Eickhorn

Результаты: 55 EUR

German walking out bayonet "Seitengewehr" with horn grip panels. The blade is sharpened, signed "EICKHORN SOLINGEN" including logo. In scabbard, condition III-IV.

Pos.Nr.: 3127

Austrian auxiliary bayonet M95

Результаты: 90 EUR

"Notbajonett" with scabbard, field grey lacquered. Condition IV.

Pos.Nr.: 3128

Bayonet, Seitengewehr 84/98

Результаты: 57 EUR

Portugal-Export bayonet with matching number scabbard, condition III.

Pos.Nr.: 3129

Bayonets, mixed lot

Результаты: 71 EUR

2 bayonets, both with scabbard, the Mauser bayonet with non fitting belt frog. Condition III.

Pos.Nr.: 3130

Bayonets, mixed lot

Результаты: 71 EUR

2 Bayonets, e.g. a French Lebel bayonet. Conditions I and IV.

Pos.Nr.: 3131

Bayonets, mixed lot

Результаты: 102 EUR

3 bayonets: An Argentine for Mauser rifle mod. 1909 by Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co; a British spike-bayonet for Lee-Enfield and a bayonet for Enfield P14. Conditions III-V.

Pos.Nr.: 3132

Bayonets, mixed lot

Результаты: 170 EUR

4 Bayonets with scabbard: Two Swiss bayonets for assault rifle M57, one for Schmidt-Rubin-rifles and a Swedish one for Mauser M96. Condition 2.

Pos.Nr.: 3133

Bayonets, mixed lot France, Sweden, Russia

Результаты: 104 EUR

1 SwedishMauser bayonet, 2 Russian Mosin-Nagant-bayonets plus a French Lebel-bayonet, partly in poor condition, conditions III-V.

Pos.Nr.: 3134

Bayonets, mixed lot Great Britain

Результаты: 72 EUR

3 bayonets for Lee-Enfield, condition IV.

Pos.Nr.: 3135

Bayonets, mixed lot Mauser, Solingen-maufacturers

Результаты: 55 EUR

2 Bayonets for Latin America-Mauser rifles by Coppel und Weyersberg, both with scabbard. Condition III.

Pos.Nr.: 3136

Bayonets, mixed lot Austria-Hungary

Результаты: 81 EUR

1 Werndl-bayonet, small parts missing, 1 Mannlicher-bayonet M88 with (wrong) leather scabbard and an auxiliary bayonet M95 with scabbard, condition IV-V.

Pos.Nr.: 3137

Daggers - mixed lot

Результаты: 71 EUR

2 daggers, one by Gerber (blade is pitted), both with scabbard. Condition 2 and 4.

Pos.Nr.: 3138

Cutlass model 1898, Hembrug

Результаты: 250 EUR

Dutch Navy sword in very good condition. Blued blade, in leather scabbard. Condition II.

Pos.Nr.: 3139

Pionerr's bayonet

Результаты: 65 EUR

Military pioneer's bayonet of unkown origin, with scabbard. Condition III.

Pos.Nr.: 3140

Pioneer bayonet mod. 1909, Argentina

Результаты: 62 EUR

Manufacturer Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co., Solingen. With scabbard, condition IV.