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43 Результаты
Pos.Nr.: 3177

Booster Tornado type 3 4x

Результаты: 25 EUR

ocular lens 42 mm, e.g. for Swarovski Habicht PF and PV as well as Schmidt and Bender old type, used for monitoring through the scope, in original box, condition 3.

Pos.Nr.: 3178

Booster Swarovski 2x

Результаты: 100 EUR

for EL and SLC models, in original box with case and manual condition 2.

Pos.Nr.: 3179

binoculars 8x56, Tasco

Результаты: 59 EUR

With strap, rubber armoured, clear optics, condition 3 (externally dirty).

Pos.Nr.: 3180

binoculars Fokus 7x50

Результаты: 47 EUR

Mit strap and ocular lens cover, central focussing, clear optics. heavily used, condition 3-4.

Pos.Nr.: 3181

binoculars Leitz Wetzlar 8x30

Результаты: 30 EUR

Right ocular tube slightly damaged, condition IV.

Pos.Nr.: 3182

binoculars Optolyth 16x50

Результаты: 47 EUR

central focussing and ocular lens adjustment gummed, ocular lens rubbers cut off, condition therefore 4.

Pos.Nr.: 3183

binoculars Optolyth Alpin 10x50

Результаты: 170 EUR

rubber armoured, with strap and ocular lens cover, clear optics, condition 3

Pos.Nr.: 3184

binoculars Swarovski Habicht 7x42

Результаты: 110 EUR

Leather covered, in bundle lot with a Hungarian pocket knife with staghorn handle signed "Szankovits", in a leather binoculars case.

Pos.Nr.: 3185

binoculars Ziel Searace 7x50

Стартовая цена 50 EUR

rubber armoured, with original synthetic case, strap, lens covers and manual, filter of the left tube gummed, otherwise condition 2-3.

Pos.Nr.: 3186

binocularsTento, 7x50

Результаты: 37 EUR

cased, condition 3

Pos.Nr.: 3187

binoculars bundle lot

Стартовая цена 90 EUR

3 historic binoculars: Prism binoculars Voigtländer 6x36 (right tube dull), binoculars Noctis 6x50 by Rungen & Kaulfuss - Rathenow (RUKA) (clear optics) - both of interwar period, and a "Fürst Bisma...

Pos.Nr.: 3188

binoculars bundle lot

Стартовая цена 90 EUR

3 historic binoculars: Prism binoculars Atlantic 6x24 by Schütz - Kassel about 1920, binoculars Busch Komponett 4x40 as well as unknown maker's binoculars 5x, all optics clear, condition III-IV.

Pos.Nr.: 3189

binoculars bundle lot

Стартовая цена 50 EUR

2 historic binoculars: "Verbesserter Artillerie" (imroved artillery) binoculars with compass, Busch - Rathenow binoculars, ocular tube damaged, cased, condition IV-V.

Pos.Nr.: 3190

shooting goggles with camera BS561HD

Результаты: 40 EUR

in original box with accessories, condition 2. USB- and TV- ports.

Pos.Nr.: 3191

Laser rangefinder Bushnell

Результаты: 90 EUR

cased, function not tested, condition 3

Pos.Nr.: 3192

Laser rangefinder Bushnell Yardage Pro

Результаты: 101 EUR

cased, function tested, condition 3.

Pos.Nr.: 3193

night vision kit, USSR

Результаты: 60 EUR

Russian night vision kit of early generation, 3 parts plus battery pack, function not tested, condition 3-4.

Pos.Nr.: 3194

Night vision Swarovski NC2

Результаты: 459 EUR

Cased with adjustable exchangeable objective lens (all camera lenses with C-Mount thread can be used), function not tested, condition 2-3.

Pos.Nr.: 3195

red dot sight Electro-Dot

Результаты: 53 EUR

In original box with cover, function not tested, condition 2.

Pos.Nr.: 3196

red dot sight bundle lot

Результаты: 278 EUR

4 red dot sights, e.g. 1 Docter and 2 Aimpoint, some with mounts, one missing a cover. function not tested, condition 3-4.

Pos.Nr.: 3197

range finder Rangematic 1200

Результаты: 52 EUR

cased with manual, condition 3.

Pos.Nr.: 3198

spotting scope 20x, Russian

Результаты: 40 EUR

spotting scope with handle in synthetic case with strap, condition 3.

Pos.Nr.: 3199

spotting scope 30 & 60x, Russian

Результаты: 120 EUR

Zoom from 30 to 60 power, cased with tripod, dirty, otherwise condition 3.

Pos.Nr.: 3200

spotting scope Optolyth 30x80

Результаты: 240 EUR

3-part telescope with green rubber armour, Ceralin coated, plus leather strap, closed length 24 cm, open 51 cm with sun visor, 1,4 kg, condition 3.