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71 Результаты
Pos.Nr.: 3046

CO2 rifle Hämmerli mod. CR20, 4,5 mm, #HC001213, § unrestricted (W1260-15)

Результаты: 251 EUR

with bipod and mounted Walther scope 3-9x44 Sniper, condition 2.

Pos.Nr.: 3047

CO2 arms and accessories bundle lot, § unrestricted

Результаты: 111 EUR

Mixed lot of: Walther CPS, 4,5mm Co2, in original box, condition 1-2,
S&W Mod, 790, 4,5mm Co2, in original box, seal for gas cartridge missing, otherwise condition 3.,
Funnel bullet-trap, around 200...

Pos.Nr.: 3048

CO2-pistol Baikal, MP-654K, 4,5mm Co2, #T0618166, § unrestricted

Результаты: 55 EUR

with manual and 2 packs of 10 each 12g Co2 cartridges, condition 3.

Pos.Nr.: 3049

CO2-pistol Blackwater BW1911 R2, 4,5 mm, #13212079, § unrestricted

Результаты: 46 EUR

function not tested, condition 2.

Pos.Nr.: 3050

CO2-pistol ColtGovernment 1911A1, 4,5 mm, #F21205146, § unrestricted

Результаты: 66 EUR

German licensed manufacture, matte nickel plated, in original box with manual, a box of Diabolo bullets and 2 cylinders, function tested, condition 2

Pos.Nr.: 3051

CO2-pistol Crosman mod. 3200T, 4,5 mm, #D09500215, § unrestricted

Результаты: 40 EUR

function not tested, in wooden case, condition 3.

Pos.Nr.: 3052

CO2-pistol Drulov, DU-10 Condor, 4,5 mm, § unrestricted

Результаты: 95 EUR

with manual (copy), various spare parts (springs, seals) and 35 12g Co2 cartridges, condition 2

Pos.Nr.: 3053

CO2-pistol KWC Tanfoglio, .4,5 mm, #30835993, § unrestricted

Результаты: 40 EUR

function not tested, condition 2.

Pos.Nr.: 3054

CO2-pistol Smith & Wesson, mod. 79G, 4,5mm CO2, #Q033038, § unrestricted

Результаты: 120 EUR

Well preserved CO-2 arm in original box with 5 S&W Co2 cartridges, an open box S&W 4,5 mm Diabolo bullets as well as a copied manual condition 2.

Pos.Nr.: 3055

CO2-Revolver Crosman 357, 4,5 mm, § unrestricted

Результаты: 27 EUR

Right grip screw missing, with accessories like cylinder, bullet-trap, an opened box of Diabolo bullets, various CO2-cartridges, manual, condition 3-4.

Pos.Nr.: 3056

CO2-Revolver Crosmann mod. 38C, 5,6 mm, § unrestricted

Результаты: 30 EUR

function not tested, condition 3-4.

Pos.Nr.: 3057

CO2-Revolver Python .357, 4,5 mm, #14E03376, § unrestricted

Результаты: 46 EUR

function not tested, condition 2.

Pos.Nr.: 3058

CO2-Waffen bundle lot, 4,5 mm, § unrestricted

Стартовая цена 60 EUR

Mixed lot of a CO2 revolver, a Hämmerli and a "Lov" pistol, some in original boxes, 1 manual and various spares, condition 3

Pos.Nr.: 3059

captive bolt gun Kieferle for small animals, § unrestricted

Результаты: 28 EUR

"Kaninchentöter" (rabbit killer) in original box with manual, condition 1.

Pos.Nr.: 3060

non-lethal Jet Protector JPX, § unrestricted

Результаты: 113 EUR

Non-letal defence weapon in original box with manual and a trainings cartridge as well as two irritant cartridges (all above the expiry date) as well as a holster, condition 2.

Pos.Nr.: 3061

flare pistol Armi Jäger mod. AP73, 4 bore, #1066, § unrestricted

Результаты: 71 EUR

Italian proof of 1980, condition 3.

Pos.Nr.: 3063

flare pistol Molins Mk. V, 4 bore, #048651, § unrestricted

Результаты: 72 EUR

British ordnance flare pistol of WWII, "Broad Arrow" acceptance mark on the left above the trigger guard, be aware that continental 4 bore ammunition will not fit this pistol, condition III.

Pos.Nr.: 3064

flare pistol Russland, 4 bore, § unrestricted

Результаты: 65 EUR

year of manufacture 1981, condition 3.

Pos.Nr.: 3065

flare pistol Walther German police, 4 bore, #50049L, § unrestricted (W 1878-15)

Результаты: 152 EUR

on the left Walther ribbon emblem, on the right police acceptance mark "eagle next to C", heavily used original condition, steel parts rust removed, grips plus screws not original, the left one crack...

Pos.Nr.: 3066

flare pistol, unknown maker, 4 bore, #no number, § unrestricted

Результаты: 81 EUR

Brass flare pistol, signed "G.G.& Cie.", presumably for Gustav Genschow & Co., steel parts (lever, trigger,hammer) pitted, grips in bad condition, condition IV.

Pos.Nr.: 3067

air rifle Weihrauch HW 25 L, 4,5 mm, #1621662, § unrestricted

Стартовая цена 20 EUR

39 cm barrel, softwood stock, 33 cm, sights missing, one action screw replaced by not original one, condition 4.

Pos.Nr.: 3068

air rifle Anschütz mod. target 380, 4,5 mm, #16698, § unrestricted (W 2834-13)

Результаты: 150 EUR

51 cm heavy barrel with dovetailed front ramp sight,finely adjustable target trigger (in need of adjustment), side lever with recoil compensator, ventilated softwood target stock with adjustable comb ...

Pos.Nr.: 3069

air rifle Browning Airstar 200, 4,5 mm, § unrestricted

Результаты: 65 EUR

State-of-the-art air rifle, to be charged with integrated compressor, integrated batteries (externally crechargeable), no more manual cocking necessary! in original box without recharging unit, condit...