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79 Результаты
Pos.Nr.: 3480

*Mount parts, Redfield

Результаты: 45 EUR

Bridge mount rail with integrated foldable rear sight for Mauser 98 mit mount rings 1", condition 3.

Pos.Nr.: 3481

Insert barrel FN HP M35, Lothar Walther

Результаты: 55 EUR

4 mm M20 caliber, with three steel cartridges, extractor and brush. Mint condition (washer is missing), in original carton. Condition 2.

Pos.Nr.: 3482

Insert barrel FN HP M35, Lothar Walther

Результаты: 31 EUR

4 mm M20 caliber, with three steel cartridges, extractor and brush. Mint condition, in original carton. condition 2.

Pos.Nr.: 3483

Insert cartridges - mixed lot, Lothar Walther

Результаты: 60 EUR

1 insert cartridge 7x64 / 4 mm M20 and eine 16(/65 and 70) bore / 4 mm M20. Bothe in original box, mint condition. Condition 1-2.

Pos.Nr.: 3484

Shotgun cleaning set, Cosmi - Ancona

Результаты: 67 EUR

Three-part cleaning rod and brushes for 12 gauge in a case of leather, condition 3.

Pos.Nr.: 3485

Shotgun accessories - mixed lot, Holland & Holland - London

Результаты: 81 EUR

Oil bottle and 2 dummy cartridges 12 bore, two Selvyt-cleaning cloths, patches and gun oil, condition 2.

Pos.Nr.: 3486

Shotgun accessories - mixed lot, James Purdey & Son - London

Результаты: 121 EUR

Oil bottle and 4 dummy cartridges 12 bore and a Selvyt-cleaning cloth, condition 2.

Pos.Nr.: 3487

Fire rests-mixed lot

Результаты: 53 EUR

1 Huppe's tripod and eine butt rest of leather, sand filled, plus a neck roll-like rest. Condition 3 (to be cleaned).

Pos.Nr.: 3488

Gun sleeves mixed lot

Результаты: 66 EUR

Two leather gun sleeves for total length of 120 cm, a leather leg of mutton case for a disassembled break barrel gun up to 76 cm barrel length and a plastic sleefe for a rifle with scope up to 120 cm ...

Pos.Nr.: 3489

Gun sleeves-mixed lot

Результаты: 50 EUR

5 rifle sleeves for a single gun in various quality and a leather rifle sling. Condition 3.

Pos.Nr.: 3490

Rifle case-mixed lot

Результаты: 60 EUR

Two solid plastic rifle cases, 130 and 120 cm long, with foam rubber bolstering, condition 3.

Pos.Nr.: 3491

Rifle magazine Lee-Enfield

Результаты: 50 EUR

Condition II-III.

Pos.Nr.: 3492

Rifle magazine Sauer 80, 6,5x68

Результаты: 15 EUR

Condition 2-3

Pos.Nr.: 3493

Rifle magazines- and accessories, mixed lot

Результаты: 36 EUR

Each one Steyr-Mannlicher-magazine for 7 mm Rem. Mag. Or 9.3 x 62 plus a cartridge pouch for 5 counds of a medium caliber, condition 4.

Pos.Nr.: 3494

Rifle magazines-mixed lot

Результаты: 77 EUR

3 rd-magazine for Browning BAR .30-06 oder .270 Win. 3 G3-mgazines by H&K plus 9 other rifle magazines, conditions 2-5 (partly damaged and pitted).

Pos.Nr.: 3495

Rifle stock for Mauser 98, jagdlich

Стартовая цена 50 EUR

Condition 4.

Pos.Nr.: 3496

Rifle stock for Steyr-Mannlicher SBS 96 Large

Стартовая цена 150 EUR

Condition 3.

Pos.Nr.: 3497

Rifle bag Tasmanian Tiger

Результаты: 46 EUR

Modern rifle bag with main compartment and two each of small and large accessories compartments. Condition 2-3.

Pos.Nr.: 3498

Rifle stock Mauser 98 - K98k

Результаты: 51 EUR

Laminated stock without handguard, with some fittings. With repaired area and an inlay in the magazine hole (easily to remove), possibly comming from Ex-Yugoslavia. Condition III-IV.

Pos.Nr.: 3499

Glock original accessories, mixed lot

Результаты: 131 EUR

Twa 9 mm Luger 30rd-magazines with 2rd-extension, 3 magazines for G19, 2 magazine pouches aund a belt holster. Condition 1-2.

Pos.Nr.: 3500

Grip panels for Luger-pair (P08)

Результаты: 87 EUR

A pair of original 08-Grip panels, condition IV.

Pos.Nr.: 3501

Holster- and magazine pouches - mixed lot, Sickinger

Результаты: 55 EUR

6 holster, e.g. for PPk and Walther P5, plus a single and a double magazine pouch for pistol magazines, condition 3.

Pos.Nr.: 3502

Holsters, mixed lot

Результаты: 50 EUR

6 holsters, e.g. a GDR-pistol holster for Makarov and a lined sleeve for handguns. Condition 3.

Pos.Nr.: 3503

Holster-mixed lot

Стартовая цена 20 EUR

A leather double magazine pouch for large capacity pistol magazines, a pistol holster and an old pistol holster for a .25 ACP cal. vestpocket-pistoel. Condition 3-4.