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29th Silent Auction

AT-1220 Wien, Kagraner Platz 9  

Auction on Thursday, December 5, 2019 from 15:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
967 Results
Lot: 5051

Fallblockbüchse Hartmann & Weiss - Hamburg & London, System Hagn, 9,3x74R, #61021, § C

Result: 12.000 EUR

66 cm Achtkantlauf, graviert und Silber eingelegt mit der Herstelleradresse, aufklappbares Kimmenblatt, helle Basküle mit Vertikalblock System Martin Hagn, Auszieher, tief im Relief graviert mit von E...

Lot: 6085

sidelock-S/S shotgun Holland & Holland - London and presumably Benedikt Winkler - Ferlach, 12/70, #15417, § D

Result: 2.999 EUR

71 cm barrels of Böhler Rasant with flat engine-turned rib, folding rear sight, choked 3/4 & full, extractor, bright action, untypical bold scroll engraving, bar-action sidelocks, inscribed with "Holl...

Lot: 5003

S/S double rifle Gebr. Merkel - Suhl, 9,3x74R, #570294, § C, accessories.

Result: 2.400 EUR

60 cm barrels, flat engine-turned rib, rear sight removed, ejectors, bright action with sideplates, simple ornament engraving, Anson & Deeley boxlock, Greener crossbolt, cocking indicators, double tri...

Lot: 5005

Doppelbüchse Suhl, 8x57IRS, #5566, § C

Result: 2.000 EUR

60 cm Läufe, punzierte Viertelschiene, Standvisier, Auszieher, helle ausgebogte Basküle, Anson & Deeley Kasztenschloss mit hängenden Stangen, verstärkte Muschellierung, Greener Querriegel, graviert mi...

Lot: 5022

break action rifle Blaser K770, 5,6x50R Mag, #3/75007, § C

Result: 2.000 EUR

60 cm barrel, engine-turned quarter rib, open sights, bright aluminium action, tilting block action type Jaeger, machined game scene engraving, manual cocking slide on tang, finely adjusted direct tri...

Lot: 5001

O/U double rifle FN Browning B25, 9,3x74R, #5096V74, with exchangeable barrels 20/76, § C, accessories.

Result: 2.000 EUR

60 cm monobloc barrels, file-cut quarter rib, signal bead, open sights, ejectors, blued action with simple engraving type A1, mechanical single trigger, sliding tang safety with integrated barrel sele...

Lot: 3509

Pair duelling percussion pistols, cased, Siegel - Salzburg, 11 mm, #without, § unrestricted

Result: 1.750 EUR

25 cm rifled octagonal barrels, signed "Siegel in Salzburg", lockplates, hammers and furniture engraved, walnut stocks chequered at the grips, condition of the arms spotty without pitting. In a heavy ...

Lot: 6076

Pair of sidelock-S/S shotguns Parkemy - Eibar, 12/70, #74528 & #80042, § D

Result: 1.700 EUR

68,5 and 69,5 cm barrels, concave rib, choked 1/2 & full, extractor, bright action, (due to an additional pin not hand-detachable) bar-action sidelocks, intercepting sears, engraved with bold rose and...

Lot: 2056

Mauser C96/12, 7,63 Mauser, with shoulder stock, #251926, § B

Result: 1.500 EUR

Rare model of the "Prewar Commercial" without "new safety", made only 1911 to 1915. matching numbered except stock. good but spotty original condition, Finish partially rubbed. poor bore, no valid pro...

Lot: 2059

Mauser C96/16 "die rote Neun" with matching numbered shoulder stock, 9 mm Luger, #116233, § B

Result: 1.300 EUR

reworked, matching numbered, old German Nitro proof "crown above U", red paint in the grips barely visible, lock to be repaired (sear does not hold), fair bore, with matching numbered shoulder stock c...

Lot: 4556

Mauser 98 Sundberg, .416 Taylor, #185897, § C

Result: 1.250 EUR

56 cm heavy barrel, signal bead, front sling swivel eye and open sights on barrel bands, receiver without thumbhole cut-out presumably by Husqvarna, elongated bent bolt handle, lateral three position ...

Lot: 2058

Mauser C96/16 "die rote Neun" with matching numbered shoulder stock, 9 mm Luger, #116233, § B

Result: 1.230 EUR

reworked, matching numbered, old German Nitro proof "crown above U", poor bore, condition III-IV.

Lot: 5507

O/U combination gun Gebr. Merkel - Suhl, 7x57R; 16/70, #26382, § C

Result: 1.212 EUR

63,5 cm barrels, engine-turned rib, folding rear sight, ejectors, choked 3/4, bright action, Kersten crossbolt, trigger plate locks with sideplates, game scene engraving, cocking indicators, sliding t...

Lot: 6081

sidelock-S/S shotgun AyA - Eibar model XXV, 12/70, #450045, § D

Result: 1.207 EUR

63,5 cm chopper-lump barrels, narrow engine-turned rib, choked 1/4 & 1/2, ejectors, colour hardened action, full-coverage scroll engraving strewn with blossoms and ribbons, hand-detachable bar-action ...

Lot: 4627

lever action Rossi (Made by Taurus), 44 Rem.Mag., #5GS061808, §C

Result: 1.200 EUR

octagonal barrel 61 cm, adjustable sights, receiver colour hardened, direct trigger, smooth walnut stock 34,5 cm with steel buttplate, proof 2013, except unnoticeable scratches on stock condition 2.

Lot: 5004

S/S double rifle L. Christophe - Brussels, 8x60RS, #421, § C

Result: 1.150 EUR

62 cm barrels, stepped engine-turned rib, open sights, extractor, bright scalloped action, Anson & Deeley boxlock, Greener crossbolt, engraved with scroll, gas grooves, sliding tang safety, gold inlai...

Lot: 4563

Mauser 98, 8x57JS, #V22073, § C

Result: 1.113 EUR

52 cm barrel, driven game sights, lateral three position safety, direct trigger, walnut stock, fine chequering in Fleur-de-Lis style, Bavarian cheekpiece with double folds, hog's back comb, rubber rec...

Lot: 4636

lever action Winchester model 1895, .30-06 Sprg., #NF1827, § C

Result: 1.050 EUR

60 cm barrel, Buckhorn rear sight, blued receiver with machined engraving, box magazine for spitzer bullets, sliding tang safety, walnut stock, straight hand, chequering, fore-end with schnabel tip, s...

Lot: 4023

Mosin-Nagant M-28/30 Finland, 7,62 x 54 R, #43654 § C

Result: 1.048 EUR

1936 altered from old Russian action (angular receiver), very good bore, no valid proof. The exceptional part of this lot is the bayonet, especially as it is in very good condition (with sheath), cond...

Lot: 4571

Remington model 700 Stainless, .223 Rem., #S6294640, § C

Result: 1.001 EUR

66 cm heavy cannelured barrel, without sights, receiver drilled and tapped, finely adjustable direct trigger, safety lever on the right, hinged magazine floorplate with release in trigger guard, marbl...

Lot: 6039

S/S shotgun Webley & Scott - Birmingham, 12/70, #143018, § D

Result: 1.000 EUR

71 cm barrels, concave rib, ejectors, choked 1/2 & full, colour hardened action, Anson & Deeley boxlock, sparse English scroll engraving, blued floorplate, double triggers, sliding tang safety, walnut...

Lot: 4507

CZ Brno model 550 Magnum, .300 Win.Mag. #K4837, §C

Result: 955 EUR

65 cm barrel, open sights with two additional folding leaves (100, 200 and 300 m), direct trigger, safety lever, walnut stock, rubber recoil pad 36 cm, Bavarian cheekpiece, hog's back comb, pivot moun...

Lot: 2019

Dreyse model 1907, Austria - Hungary, 7,65 Browning, #164725, § B

Result: 920 EUR

old German Nitro proof "crown above N", matching numbered, on the left with acceptance "W-n eagle 17", see MÖTZ /SCHUY, Die Weiterentwicklung der Selbstladepistole I S.39ff. auxiliary arm in Austria H...

Lot: 5021

hammer falling block rifle J. Matarainen - Finland, unknown 8mm calibre, #1909, § C

Result: 907 EUR

60 cm octagonal barrel, adjustable sights, signed with dealer's name, formerly colour hardened action with vertical block similar Stoermer - Mannheim, based on the Winchester model 1885, double set tr...