29th Silent Auction

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30 Results
Lot: 7003

bayonet Simonov

Result: 666 EUR

Extremely rare bayonet for Simonov semi auto AVS 36. with sheath and frog, Nr. 9441 on ricasso, condition II-III. A speciality for bayonet collectors!

Lot: 7005

edged weapons bundle lot, 3 items

Result: 433 EUR

Light fencing sabre without scabbard, a khanjar and a probably Ottoman sabre, almost impossible to remove from the scabbards, condition V.

Lot: 7004

bayonet Winchester 1895

Result: 410 EUR

Extremely rare bayonet for military Winchester rifles model 1895, as used e.g. by Russia, blade and sheath in good condition, hilt heavily rusted. condition IV.

Lot: 7025

Russian Cossack sabre M1881, Zlatoust

Result: 350 EUR

81 cm somewhat nicked blade, manufacture 1915, various troop marks on crossguard and hilt, without scabbard. condition III.

Lot: 7016

Oriental daggers, 2 items

Result: 310 EUR

Kinjal with green malachite handle, leather sheath with decorated mounts (condition III), iron band with gold inlays, and a long dagger with lion's head hilt and damaged wooden sheath with iron mounts...

Lot: 7023

knives bundle lot, 5 items

Result: 225 EUR

4 folding knife (1 an Opinel, 2 pocket folders and a Puma "Ostarichi 1996", this in original box) and a Victorinox pocket folder Hunter. condition 2.

Lot: 7008

Oriental daggers, bundle lot, 3 items

Result: 180 EUR

Curved dagger "Jambiya" with broad Damascus blade with rib, black bone handle set with two decorative studs, engraved sheath with chain frog, a Persian (?) Kinjal with bone handle and sheath and a sma...

Lot: 7001

bayonet Arisaka type 30 - Finnish adaption

Result: 129 EUR

Finland bought weapons in 1917/18 from all over the world to arm its forces. bayonets for the Japanese Arisaka rifle were shortened in the blades. Here is a good example with matching shortened sheath...

Lot: 7026

Shashka, Oriental or Caucasian

Result: 121 EUR

70 cm double fullered (partially heavily flash rusty) blade, bone handle, one splintered, depicting a bird's head, leather sheath embossed with ornaments, condition IV.

Lot: 7015

Oriental daggers, 2 items

Result: 120 EUR

Curved daggers "Jambiya", broad Damascus blades with rib, black bone handle, one in a wooden sheath, the other in an elaborately decorated sheath of metal (silver ?) condition III.

Lot: 7029

Orientalische Blankwaffen, Konvolut - 5 Stück

Result: 120 EUR

1 Klappmesser, 1 Krummdolch mit Metallscheide und 1 großes sowie ein kleines Kukri mit 2 bzw. 1 Beimesser in Lederscheide. Weiters 1 Kukri-Beimesser solo. Zustand III.

Lot: 7000

bayonet Arisaka type 30

Result: 115 EUR

good condition with sheath and leather frog, typical three rings symbol on the ricasso. condition III.

Lot: 7018

knives bundle lot 2 items

Result: 105 EUR

2 hunting knives, both with sheaths, one with a Damascus blade. condition 2-3.

Lot: 7009

hunting dagger, Historicism

Result: 105 EUR

Around 1890, 47 cm nickel plated blade, smooth wooden handle, leather sheath with iron mounts, frog, blade partially rusty, condition IV.

Lot: 7014

folding knife, Corsican

Result: 88 EUR

large folding knife with 22 cm etched blade with illegible inscription and naval motifs, signed "CHABROL", bone handles inscribed "Souvenir d'Ajaccio Corsica", flash rusty, condition IV.

Lot: 7017

knives bundle lot - 3 items

Result: 80 EUR

DUC-knives & hunting knife (both with sheath) and a shortened Austrian trench dagger with ill fitting leather sheath from WWI. condition 3.

Lot: 7013

hunting knife Winchester from Solingen

Result: 75 EUR

Exclusive, heavy hunting knife, mint. In original box with sheath. condition 1-2.

Lot: 7022

knives bundle lot, 3 items

Result: 71 EUR

Grizzly Skinner knife in original box, Finnish knives Martitini & Jagsknives Imperial, all with sheath, condition 1-2.

Lot: 7027

Winchester knife P-127

Result: 65 EUR

mint, with sheath in original box. condition 1-2.

Lot: 7011

hunting knife Lakota

Result: 60 EUR

mint, with sheath in original box. condition 1-2.

Lot: 7002

bayonet Mauser 98 (?), Weyersberg, Kerschbaum & Co. - Solingen

Result: 59 EUR

For South American Mauser rifles, with sheath, condition IV.

Lot: 7006

Decoration boar spear

Result: 55 EUR

not fit for hunting use but highly decorative. condition 3.

Lot: 7020

knives bundle lot 2 items

Result: 50 EUR

1 Brusletto Skinner and 1 Sprettern, both in original box with sheath, condition 1.

Lot: 7021

knives bundle lot, 2 items

Result: 46 EUR

2 hunting knives, 1 with sheath. condition 2.