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29th Silent Auction

AT-1220 Wien, Kagraner Platz 9  

Auction on Thursday, December 5, 2019 from 15:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
40 Results
Lot: 8500

antique powder flasks, 2 items

Starting price 60 EUR

2 small Oriental powder flasks, one brass, one wooden, condition IV.

Lot: 8501

Bix´n Andy Atzl trigger for Sako MA 05 / Sako 85 / Sako A7

Result: 145 EUR

trigger pull adjustable between 75-800 grams, with safety on the right

Lot: 8502

Blaser R8 Carbon rifle stock

Result: 800 EUR

rifle stock of Carbon for Blaser R8

Lot: 8503

Blaser R8 rifle stock

Result: 761 EUR

Blaser R8 Professional Success, black synthetic thumbhole stock

Lot: 8504

Blaser R8 rifle stock

Result: 105 EUR

black synthetic stock,

Lot: 8505

insertable barrel for Revolver .38/.357 to 4 mm M20, Lothar Walther, § unrestricted

Result: 53 EUR

For 4 to 4,25 inch barrels. In original box with 6 chamber cartridges, cleaning rod and ejector rod. condition 2-3.

Lot: 8506

insertable barrel for Walther PP 7,65 mm to 4 mm M20, Lothar Walther

Result: 50 EUR

In original box with 3 chamber cartridges, cleaning rod and ejector rod. condition 2-3.

Lot: 8507

FN Ultra spares bundle lot 2 parts

Starting price 10 EUR

1 items trigger plate, 1 trigger

Lot: 8508

rifle magazines Ruger 10/22, bundle lot, 2 items

Result: 70 EUR

one each 50 rounds magazines by Mitchell (in original box) and a 25 rounds by Ram-Line. condition 1-2.

Lot: 8509

rifle magazines Steyr AUG and SSG69, bundle lot, 2 items

Result: 160 EUR

1 AUG magazine for 42 rounds and a SSG magazine for 10 rounds. condition 1-2.

Lot: 8510

rifle magazines and floorplates, Steyr Mannlicher and Anschütz, bundle lot

Result: 187 EUR

one each magazine floorplate for Steyr Mannlicher SL .222 Rem. (old version) and .223 Rem., with matching magazines. 1 magazine for .222 Rem. and 2 for .243 Win. As well as 1 for Anschütz .22 WMR. con...

Lot: 8511

rifle magazines, bundle lot, 3 items

Starting price 50 EUR

for Voere Automatic .22 lr. A clipper strip for US rifle M1 (Garand-Clip) as well as a front barrel band for a Mauser K98k. condition 3.

Lot: 8512

rifle stock GRS Sporter Varmint for Blaser R8 Left hand ***

Result: 350 EUR

No buyer's premium will be applied, only 20% VAT will be added to the hammer price!
Green camouflage laminated stock with adjustable cheekpiece and rubber recoil pad, Norwegian quality product in ori...

Lot: 8513

rifle stocks, bundle lot, 2 items

Result: 50 EUR

1 softwood stock for Marlin Camp Carbine and another for an unidentified model, perhaps Ruger 10/22. condition 2.

Lot: 8514

Glock magazines for G17, 3 items

Result: 85 EUR

3 magazine of most recent design (Gen5), brand new. condition 1.

Lot: 8515

Holster for Walther P99, 2 items

Starting price 20 EUR

1 leather (Sickinger) and 1 synthetic holster (Walther), condition 2.

Lot: 8516

Holster bundle lot - 15 items

Result: 65 EUR

large bundle lot, i.a. Buchheimer, Sickinger, Glock for: Glock 17, Colt 1911, Beretta 34/35, S&W L-Frame, P38, Browning HP M35, Chief Special , 1 magazine holder for single stack 9 mm - magazine by Si...

Lot: 8517

Holster bundle lot - 4 items

Result: 30 EUR

4 Holster, i.a. Safariland for Glock. condition 2-3.

Lot: 8518

Holster bundle lot, 4 items

Result: 30 EUR

i.a. Bianchi shoulder holster for S&W small frame, Safariland belt holster for Walther PP/PPK and PPK S, 1 Mag Lite torch holder for belts, 1 accessories pouch. condition 2-3.

Lot: 8519

carbine stock for Glock, Hera-Triari II

Result: 310 EUR

for Glock 17, 22 and 31. folding stock, front grip with 3 Picatinny rails. mint, condition 1-2.

Lot: 8520

leather gunsleeves bundle lot

Result: 31 EUR

2 leather case for detached long arm, 1 for long arm, 1 synthetic case for long arm

Lot: 8521

Mounts for scopes and Aimpoint, bundle lot

Result: 31 EUR

1 Leupold - Set with 30 mm rings, original pack; 4 x 26 mm rings (1 missing nut), 1 x 26 mm Bcomb mounts and Quick-release Aimpoint-mounts Micro.

Lot: 8522

pistol case

Result: 10 EUR

up to 23 cm length, black synthetic, foam lined, condition 1.

Lot: 8523

pistol magazines, bundle lot, 5 items

Result: 60 EUR

i.a. for Walther P38 and Colt Woodsman, condition 2 - 4.