29th Silent Auction

1220 Wien, Kagraner Platz 9  

Auction on Thursday, December 5, 2019 from 15:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
11 Results
Lot: 9100

Great Britain, Revolver case Webley - 2 items

Result: 30 EUR

Two canvas cases for Webley revolver, one blackened, the other signed internally "M.E.Co. 1942 (broad arrow)". condition III.

Lot: 9101

cuirass, mid 19th century, German

Starting price 300 EUR

typical cavalry cuirass for men's grade in the style of mid-19th century Germany, brass studded border, lining missing. provenance: collection of Schloss Windern in Desselbrunn / Upper Austria. condit...

Lot: 9102

Austria and USSR, Militaria, bundle lot

Result: 42 EUR

Bundesheer belt with buckle , rare!, a camouflage bag for paramedics, (acceptance "BH eagle 19") and 1 Soviet belt.

Lot: 9103

Austria, pistol cases, bundle lot, 2 items

Result: 35 EUR

1 Gendarmerie pistol case for FN HP System Theuermann, marked "1 Abt. 5C57", condition IV, and a pistol case for 7,65 mm pocket pistol with spare magazine compartment, condition III.

Lot: 9104

Austria, pistol cases, police, bundle lot

Result: 50 EUR

1 Gendarmerie pistol case for FN HP System Theuermann, marked "STOLLA WIEN" and 1 pistol case for 7,65 mm Walther PP of Sicherheitswache with spare magazine compartment and frog, condition III. see MÖ...

Lot: 9105

Switzerland, Revolver case

Result: 59 EUR

For 7,5 mm ordnance revolver M.1882 including cartridge pouch and shoulder strap. maker illegible, cartridge pouch marked with "E. Stuck Sattler Menziken 31". condition II-III.

Lot: 9106

USSR, pistol case Makarov with belt

Result: 21 EUR

Holster internally marked with acceptance, cleaning rod in place, on a belt with double tang buckle including shoulder strap. condition II-III.

Lot: 9107

USA, pistol case for Government M1911

Result: 53 EUR

ordnance pistol case with double tang for belt, maker illegible, condition III.

Lot: 9108

USA, pistol case for Government M1911 with waist belt

Result: 21 EUR

maker illegible, poor condition IV.

Lot: 9109

US spade and Signal torch GDR - bundle lot

Starting price 25 EUR

2 US field spades without cover and a signal torch NARVA of the GDR Volkspolizei. condition III.