29th Silent Auction

1220 Wien, Kagraner Platz 9  

Auction on Thursday, December 5, 2019 from 15:00  | Auction ended

Completed | Physical auction
967 Results
Lot: 9106

USSR, pistol case Makarov with belt

Result: 21 EUR

Holster internally marked with acceptance, cleaning rod in place, on a belt with double tang buckle including shoulder strap. condition II-III.

Lot: 9107

USA, pistol case for Government M1911

Result: 53 EUR

ordnance pistol case with double tang for belt, maker illegible, condition III.

Lot: 9108

USA, pistol case for Government M1911 with waist belt

Result: 21 EUR

maker illegible, poor condition IV.

Lot: 9109

US spade and Signal torch GDR - bundle lot

Starting price 25 EUR

2 US field spades without cover and a signal torch NARVA of the GDR Volkspolizei. condition III.

Lot: 9200

watercolour mountain farmhouse

Result: 70 EUR

internal dimension 26 x 35 cm, external dimension 36 x 45 cm, in the style of Romanticism, unsigned, framed in carved oak (probably later), glassed, slightly dirty, condition 3-4.

Lot: 9201

Prints with horse and dog motifs, Kunstanstalt des Bibliografischen Instituts in Hildburghausen, 14 items

Result: 220 EUR

In glassed gold-washed frames, 26 x 30 cm, 4 with dogs (e.g. "Englischer Leithund") and 10 with horses (e.g. "Englischer Steeple-Renner"). condition 3, in need of cleaning.